Seeing And Saying

Today’s is a combination clean out the notes and an observation(s) article. (I never know exactly what I’ll cover in an article like this because it develops as I write it.) There is a lot of ground to cover – much of which I will not get to – so let’s explore.  

I’ll start with an event that hasn’t happened as of this writing (Tuesday afternoon) but already is a classic. I’m speaking of Tuesday’s Coronapalooza-Phoenix. President Trump is slated to speak to some 3,000 mostly young people at a mega-church after touring construction progress on his, already multiple times compromised, wall. (Hint: The Great Wall of Trump is not a 21st century solution.)

After the disastrous attendance at the first “tour stop” (Coronapalooza-Tulsa) the venue hosts had to come up with something and it is a doozy. The scary part is that because their target audience is almost by definition gullible their hoax just may work and as a result more Americans will die. The pastors of the host church claim that a member of their congregations came up with an HVAC system that kills 99% of the coronavirus so the indoor venue risk factor is eliminated. They ended their recruitment commercial with the phrase, “Praise the Lord” which to their target audience precludes any intelligent analysis or questioning. Remember this is an audience seemingly incapable of and unwilling to engage in critical thinking. (Reality check: scientists find the HVAC “solution” laughable.)

As of Monday 29 states showed an increase in their seven-day average of new reported cases of the coronavirus. If you believe that is all attributable to increased testing (which is still woefully inadequate) I suggest you spend some time with 3,000 new friends in a Phoenix area mega-church. By the way, America is closing in on 120,000 coronavirus deaths and 2.3 million reported cases. That put us far in the global lead. Maybe that’s what Trump meant by winning.

Two additional staffers that were with Trump for Coronapalooza-Tulsa have now tested positive for the coronavirus. Enough said.

One final note about the Coronapalooza tour before I move on to other topics: The estate of the late Tom Petty has asked the Trump campaign to stop using his 1989 hit song, I Won’t Back Down. The remarkable factor that struck me is that both of Petty’s wives agreed to the cease-and-desist claim. That says a lot!

President Trump claims he made Juneteenth famous this past week. In his claim he stated that very few people knew it existed. I’m certain he meant white people because non-white people don’t count to him. Trump and I are both white, about the same age and both grew up in New York State; he in the much more sophisticated metro New York City area and me in metro Buffalo. I and almost all my friends knew of Juneteenth decades ago. I can’t remember the exact summer but I know my awareness goes back into at least the 1980’s.

As a result of the George Floyd killing and police actions in its aftermath the Black Lives Matter movement when from obscure and somewhat uncomfortable for many Americans to a cause to be embraced. This reminds me of the actions of Bull Connor and their effect on the civil rights movement. Bull Connor famously unleashed dogs to attack peaceful protesters in Birmingham, Alabama. When people in the north saw those images on their TV screens they went from disinterested to supporters of the civil rights cause.  History is repeating itself.

Out of any tragedy political stars are born. I’m guessing one that may come out of the coronavirus pandemic is Montgomery, Alabama Mayor Steven Reed. He appears to be reasonable, smart and articulate. Armed with a bachelor’s degree from Morehouse College and an MBA from Vanderbilt University he could he be a future Democratic candidate for the Senate or the Governorship? Remember you heard that name here.

In addition to the coronavirus pandemic there appears to be another threat to America’s heath unfolding in recent weeks. Public health officials have been resigning at a record pace to avoid the harassment, including physical treats to their person, homes and families from right wing Trump supporters. You square that circle.

The Trump administration is stopping green cards and other work visas until at least the end of the year. With some important exceptions I don’t have a big problem with the move on the surface. The reasoning they gave is totally bogus! Supposedly they are issuing the order to protect American jobs from a foreign invasion. Our depression level unemployment has absolutely nothing to do with an invasion of foreign workers; it has everything to do with the lack of federal leadership to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest step America can take to economic recovery is to remove Trump and his economic team.

In a successful delay and distract move by the Trump administration, Navy Captain Brett Crozier’s firing has been upheld. It seems like ages ago but Crozier was the beloved by his crew skipper of the USS Theodore Roosevelt who pleaded for aid for his coronavirus stricken crew. There is a price to be paid for going public with the truth during the reign of Trump.

While the Senate did nothing on the coronavirus pandemic or the faltering economy last week here is Mitch McConnell’s crowning achievement: The Senate he sets the agenda for confirmed Justin Walker to a federal judgeship on the DC Circuit Court. He was confirmed by the whopping tally of 51-42. Maine’s Susan Collins (who I’m sure got a pass/permission) was the only Republican to vote no. Could the fact that Collins is in the political reelection fight of her life and Mitch didn’t really need her vote have anything to do with it? I certainly think so. So while one of your family members is out of work and another has the coronavirus rest assured that McConnell only has you best interests at heart and Justin Walker will help you by ruling against Obamacare the first chance he gets. Who needs health care in the middle of a depression and pandemic when they have lost their job? Oh, and if you are nearing the end of the journey like me have no fear; Walker is only 38 years-old and will be around to take care of those you leave behind when you make that final exit.

I could go on but why; if you don’t get the idea by now you never will.

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  1. And now they are celebrating their 200th Federal Judge confirmation. And the EU is about to restrict entry by those coming from the US. Oh yeah, we’re leading the world alright.

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