Save Thyself

It seems like ancient history as I commence this article for Sunday’s publication on Saturday morning but, in my opinion, the biggest American political story of the week just ended occurred back on Monday. That is not to say there is any lack of rivals.

On Monday the Supreme Court, in a unanimous ruling declaring Donald Trump could stay on the ballot, in effect telling the American people that if they were expecting the Court to rescue them and, in the process, American (if not global) democracy they are sadly mistaken. The two primary factors at play were fear and predetermination.

The three liberal justices along with Amy Coney Barrett clearly feared for their personal safety and the possibility of domestic terrorism. To put it in baseball terms (and with all due respect to a movie about the late Jimmy Piersall) fear stuck out. The decision was unanimous but their concurrences were telling.

The five men (I’m not sure what, if anything, it means but it did break down along gender lines) you have to believe had their minds made up going into the deliberations and simply found a way to “justify” their decision. In the case of Neal Gorsuch, he had to rule in total conflict with a previous ruling of his own. Whatever credibility he may have had going into this case he has totally destroyed.

The Court basically erased Section 3 of the 14th Amendment from the Constitution. They ruled that it was only enforceable if Congress explicitly passed legislation making the allegation a crime. That is not what the Amendment (adopted in 1868) says but… If you followed their logic bank robbery is not a crime unless a legislative body passes a law outlawing robbing said bank on said day. Does that make sense to you? I does not to me!

This specific decision really doesn’t bother me that much. In the immediate all it did was allow Donald Trump’s name to be on a bunch of primary ballots. The message it sends it what troubles me. The laws only apply to the majority and people like Trump are not among the masses.

Let’s look at some of the things the Court did and didn’t touch. They did not rule on whether Trump is an insurrectionist. Therefore, by previous court decisions he remains an insurrectionist as well as a sexual assaulter, slanderer, bank and insurance fraudster. These are no longer allegations, they are adjudications.

I’m among the many who are tired of right wing extremists hiding behind the states’ rights argument. Especially in the case of Justice Gorsuch, what happened to states’ rights in this case? When it comes to elections, states’ rights, albeit limited, are specifically outlined in Section Four of Article One of the Constitution. I know I’m a bit old fashioned but I thought the Constitution was supposed to be the guiding light of the Court.

So, if you thought the Court was going to save American (and with it global) democracy you are sadly mistaken. You are the last line of defense and you are being called on this Fall. Vote!!!!!! If you are stupid enough to vote for a crook you cannot expect the Court to save you from yourself. Even with the Constitution to back them, they told us that loud and clear last Monday.

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  1. I think the Court’s decision with respect to federal jobs versus state jobs was appropriate. What infuriates me is the Court’s decision to hear and rule on the immunity question…and defer that process till the end of April. That is clearly a victory for Trump. In that case all three of Trump’s appointees, plus Thomas should recuse themselves for conflict of interest.

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