Round Two Commences

There have been multiple reports of the Mueller probe wrapping up and submitting a report to the Attorney General. That will happen someday but I don’t know exactly when. Regardless of what happens soon after that it is far from the end of Russiagate. In fact it will just be the end of Round One. Round Two commenced in earnest this week with the House Intelligence Committee’s requests for information from 81 persons and entities. Even this is just phase one of Round Two; expect more people and entities to receive request letters. There is a lot to explore here so let’s do so together for a bit.

Of late Trump has come up with a synonym for the phrase “Witch hunt”: “Presidential harassment”; expect to hear that a lot more in the coming months. The 81 names (with more to come) lend credence to my alternate phrase of “Which hunt” and a lot of “whiches” are turning up. I prefer to call Congress’ actions exercising their Constitutional duty or simply doing their job. Trump has yet to learn that Congress works for the people in compliance with the Constitution and the members are not his employees. Amazing what happens when Democrats are in charge.

I lack the space to do an analysis of each of the 81 but in case you haven’t seen the list yet here it is: Alan Garten, Alexander Nix, Allen Weisselberg, American Media, Inc., Anatoli Samochornov, Andrew Intrater, Annie Donaldson, Brad Parscale, Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica, Carter Page, Columbus Nova, Concord Management and Consulting, Corey Lewandowski, David Pecker, the Department of Justice, Don McGahn, the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, Donald Trump, Jr., Dylan Howard, Eric Trump, Erik Prince, the FBI, Felix Sater, the Flynn Intel Group, the General Services Administration, George Nader, George Papadopoulos, Hope Hicks, Irakly Kaveladze, Jared Kushner, Jason Maloni, Jay Sekulow, Jeff Sessions, Jerome Corsi, John Szobocsan, Julian Assange, Julian David Wheatland, Keith Davidson, K T McFarland, Mark Corallo, Matt Tait, Matthew Calamari, Michael Caputo, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn, Jr., Paul Erickson, Paul Manafort, the Estate of Peter Smith, Randy Credico, Reince Priebus, Rhona Graff, Rinat Akhmetshin, Rob Goldstone, Roger Stone, Ronald Lieberman, Sam Nunberg, the SCL Group Limited, Sean Spicer, Sheri Dillon, Stefan Passantino, Steve Bannon, Ted Malloch, the White House, the Trump Campaign, the Trump Foundation, the Trump Organization, the Trump Transition, Viktor Vekselberg, Wikileaks, the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee, Christopher Bancroft Burnham, the Frontier Services Group, J.D. Gordon, the Kushner Companies, the NRA, Rick Gates, Tom Barrack, Tom Bossert and Tony Fabrizio.

I have to admit a name or two is not, top of the head, familiar to me but the vast majority are and their information will be very interesting. This initial request is simply for information already turned over to authorities in previous investigations. Most will comply fairly readily. A few will balk and they will be subpoenaed. The domestics will be forced to comply, the foreigners are another story. I expect several domestic people or entities to go to court to avoid compliance and that will keep the clock running. (Remember: A major goal of the organized criminal enterprise commonly referred to as the Trump administration is to keep the clock running as long as possible so they can continue to skim/steal money.) The initial round of evidence gathering, interviews and testimony will undoubtable spur further information requests many of which will be met with hostility and lawsuits.

For those expecting a quick conclusion you are in for a rude awakening! The only question in my mind is if it will be resolved before the 2020 election. With Round One still ongoing Round Two has commenced. I am still predicting this fight will end in a “TKO” with Trump resigning. When, how and in what “round” it finally concludes are still question marks in my mind.

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