Rock Omens?

Last weekend the Trump administration rolled out another propagandist Stephen Miller. In less than a month Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway have shot their credibility because the general public finally started paying attention. Miller was dispatched to do the Sunday talk shows. Political junkies already were aware of him. His claims to fame were having worked for Jeff Sessions prior to being the warm-up act at most Trump rallies as well as writing many Trump speeches. Let’s explore.

Working for the former throw-back, racist Senator from Alabama, now Attorney General showed that Miller lacked political judgment and morals. As the warm-up man for Trump he held a role equivalent to the baggy pants comics of burlesque days. Despite what they may have said in burlesque days everyone was waiting for the strippers and in the case of the Trump crowd the main clown (Trump). Since Miller is the seventh most surname in America what I’m about to say next is perhaps a bit unfair, but it is accurate. When I heard the name Stephen Miller my thoughts immediately turned to The Steve Miller Band. The plays on words get interesting to the point of I started wondering if the band’s song titles and lyrics of decades ago weren’t portending the future.

In 1982 The Steve Miller Band had a hit with the song Abracadabra. A prominent line in that song is, “I wanna reach out and grab ya.” Am I the only one reminded of Donald Trump on the now infamous Access Hollywood tape?

The band had a 1977 hit entitled, Jet Airliner. Other than perhaps his bad hair and goofy MAGA hats the most prominent symbol of Trump’s 2016 campaign was his airplane with his name emblazoned on it like a flying billboard. (Remember it was a revenue stream for him. He charged the campaign and the Secret Service for flying on it.)

In a Trump like fashion Miller shows his respect for women by supplementing Kellyanne Conway’s alternate facts with his own. What better way to respect a woman than to not leave her dangling out there on her own? Remember his current boss has said “No one has more respect for women than I do.” We all know Donald Trump wouldn’t lie about his relationships with women. Hmmm, maybe I’m not so certain about that.

The band’s 1973 hit The Joker not only provides a nickname for Miller it defines his role in the Trump administration. Every one of Trump’s speeches is a joke! Since Miller is largely responsible for writing them he must be filling the role of Court Jester. In any event I hope Miller wasn’t serious when he said, “The powers of the President…will not be questioned.” If he was serious he is frightfully naïve along with lacking knowledge of the Constitution, the press and the American people. I will continue to question Trump and I’m willing to bet I will not be a lone voice among the 320 million plus!

As to the big guy (well not in all body parts it appears) The Steve Miller Band may have given us an insight into his past and a peek into his future with their 1976 hit, Take the Money and Run. As to Trump’s past there is the line, “I get my lovin’ on the run.” We don’t know about “side” indiscretions, but Trump was very public about some of his marital infidelities. The chorus of the song may be ominous of how his Presidency will end, “Go on take the money and run.”

Disinformation is vital to an organized criminal enterprise.

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