Risk Getting Wet

Friday the SS Trump (perhaps to be more accurate the BS Trump) took another torpedo. In this metaphor the Trump campaign is a sinking ship and establishment elected Republicans or those who plan to run for office in the future would be well advised to abandon ship. Let’s look at that today.

When you leave a sinking ship you risk getting wet in the process. If you stay you drown. The decision seems pretty simple! With the exception of Mike Pence every Republican who wants a future should distance themselves from Trump. In the case of Pence where else does he have to go? Dancing With The Stars?

Monday House Speaker Paul Ryan basically released his caucus. It is now an every man or woman for themselves situation. As for Ryan personally he said he will not defend Trump for the remainder of the campaign and the word on the street is that he will not campaign with him. I have often admired Ryan as a cagy politician; never as a courageous or brilliant. Ryan’s not defend him declaration only makes life easier on Ryan. When someone questions him on Trump he can simply say it his declared policy not to comment; next question please. Ryan still harbors a desire to run for president someday. First off he needs to come to grips with the fact that his presence on the 2012 ticket severely hurt Mitt Romney; with that in mind what makes him think he can win on his own? Also, his remaining loyal to Trump – he has not rescinded his endorsement of Trump nor declared he would not vote for him – will haunt him in any future general election presidential run. Trump is destined to lose big and history will remember him as a crazy candidate; is that who you want to defend endorsing?

Ryan (and many other Republicans) are concerned that the situation has gotten so dire that they are in danger of losing their majority in the House. When others on the left were proclaiming the sky was falling and that the Republicans would keep the Senate I still felt the Democrats would take back the Senate in 2016. Taking back the House is another matter. The districts are too gerrymandered and too few are competitive even in a good year for Democrats. Plus there is the reality of the money game.

Big campaign contributors are investors, not donors. They expect a return on investment as opposed to the little guy who is driven by belief in an individual candidate with no personal agenda. The big money boys are not going to pour money down a hole supporting Trump’s losing cause. Some of that money will stay on the sidelines, but much of it will simply be invested elsewhere where there is a chance of winning and receiving a return on investment. That elsewhere will start largely with the House races. Retaining a House majority that can obstruct the agenda of Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer is enough to preserve the status quo under which the wealthy have done exceedingly well. Therefore the Republican House candidates will have plenty of money to fund getting their propaganda before the eyes and ears of their target voters. Whether the message is true or not becomes irrelevant. The objective is to get Bubba to hear it so many times he believes it when he enters the polling place on November 8th.

Silence and deflection are not condemnations! Until and unless people like Ryan and Mitch McConnell absolutely, emphatically and completely break with Trump they forever tar themselves with that brush. Better to get a bit wet than to drown.

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