Right Wing Racism + International Style

Today’s article is relatively short. Do not mistake its brevity for proof of lack of importance. It is as much proof of a theory as an observation. While it is based on the situation in Ukraine it has much wider implications and sadly, applications. I hesitate to write of Ukraine, especially in an article whose publication date is uncertain at the time of its writing, but the message is too important for me to remain silent any longer.

It seems to me that white, right wing extremists have one trait in common across the planet – the fear of the “other”. They want to deal with only other white, cisgender, Christian heterosexuals; and preferable male at that.

As of this writing I’m gladdened by the responses we have seen especially from the European community. Among them is the acceptance of refugees. The two counties taking in the bulk of them are Hungary and Poland. Currently neither is exactly a bastion of liberalism. In fact, they are ruled by hard right wingers with a history of being anti-immigrant. So why are they taking in the refugees? The answer is simple; the Ukrainian refugees are almost exclusively white Christians.

I’d love to think this is the start of making judgments and decisions based on situations and not prejudices/fears; but I know I’d be incorrect.

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