Right Wing Logic?

I am far from alone in being amused at the right wing’s adopting the slogan “My body, my choice” when it comes to vaccine resistance. In fact, the idea of infringing on liberty as a justification by the right wing is very selective and far from consistent. I want to briefly explore that today.

In one of their many, in my opinion wrong, recent decisions (Hobby Lobby) the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of religious organizations excluding birth control from their health care plans. I find it interesting that their supposed closely held religious convictions also helped reduce costs and thereby increased the bottom line. (Can a corporation have religious views? Does it go to church?) Perhaps I’m being cynical but you already know my feelings when it comes to coincidences (Nance’s Law).

By that it is fair to derive that the right wing believes it is fine to invade a woman’s privacy and make her a second class citizen with regard to her reproductive health.

The right wing vehemently opposes a vaccine mandate – which really is little more than common sense if only our political class had the courage. This is where the “My body, my choice” argument is used. Despite two Supreme Court decisions that form the precedent to rule in favor of an employer vaccine mandate, (aside from common sense and the public welfare), I guarantee that if a such a case reaches the Court as currently composed, they will decide in favor of the plaintiff.

So the only logical conclusion is that the right wing thinks it is fine to tell a women what to do with her body with respect to its reproductive capabilities but telling a person to get a life saving (their life and the lives of those they interact with) vaccine is an infringement on their rights.

At the extreme, which Texas Governor Greg Abbott appears to have joined, the right wing has gone so far as to legislate that in most cases a woman who conceives via rape is legally bound to give birth to that fetus. What I am waiting for is when the right will then give the rapist/father parental rights to the child. You say that is too extreme? And forcing the victim of a rape to carry the fetus to term is not?

There is an element on the right that will say the pregnancy is God’s will and should not be interfered with. By that same “logic” aren’t things like shaving and haircuts interference with God’s will? (This is all based on the assumption that a God exists.)

America is on a slippery slope and the tragedy is that many don’t even realize it. Democracies die from within and America’s is ill at the moment? The disease is the American extreme right. The vaccine is voting; don’t neglect to administer it at every opportunity.

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