Right Wing Dots

Again, a time stamp is necessary and it is Monday morning March 27, 2023. I want to present several far right wing “dots” and see if you are making similar connections. I use the term “far right wing” because that is what they are despite the fact that many of them seek legitimacy in the term “conservative”. While I am not a conservative I respect (and in some instances and circumstances actually agree with parts of that philosophy).   I contend that the words “conservative” and “crazy” are not synonyms. However, most of the actions depicted here are not those of true conservatives.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired his defense minister, Yoav Gallant, because Gallant opposed Netanyahu’s fascist style attempt to take over the Israeli judicial system. At this writing the people have taken to the streets and a national strike is underway. Stick a pin in this one.

Friday Rahul Gandhi was expelled from India’s Parliament. There is an extensive backstory which I do not have the resources to cover in today’s article but basically it was a political hit job by the forces of India’s far right Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gandhi ran against Modi in the last Indian election and was the parliamentary leader of the opposition. By the nature of some (convenient for Modi) legal rulings, Gandhi may be tied up in appeals and unable to challenge Modi in the next election. One feature of Modi’s “platform” has been to turn Muslims into the “other” in India. Sound familiar?

Long time right wing extremist, Ken Cuccinelli, is now working for Ron DeSantis. After losing his race for Governor of Virginia, Cuccinelli held various very senior posts in the Trump administration. Make no mistake this is a defection. Could it be that even the far right Republicans who are in any way establishment have decided to oust Trump quietly?

Along similar lines, last month the Claremont Institute opened a new office in Tallahassee, Florida. The Claremont Institute (which had been aligned with Trump including in the aftermath of the 2020 election) is a right wing think tank. Is this another shift of the Republican establishment to DeSantis, who is widely viewed as the only candidate who can knock off Trump in the primary, because they feel that Trump is unelectable in the general election? Courage is not exactly a Republican trait and it would follow that most Republican lack the bravery to attack Trump head on.

As had been rumored for days, First Citizens Bank took over Silicon Valley Bank over the weekend. They got the bank in a bargain deal from the government. First Citizens is America’s largest family owned and operated bank. It is owned by the Holding family as in former Republican Representative “Sleeping” George Holding. George earned his nickname because he holds the distinction of being the only person ever telecast nationally while asleep in the Speaker’s chair when he was supposed to be presiding over the House of Representatives. I don’t know about you but I detect an unpleasant odor here.

You connect the dots as you please. When I connect them, I detect the exploitation of opportunities and the abuse of power for personal enrichment.

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