Rig It

The Politico headline read, “GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin scheme to remove elections chief”. Badger state Republicans are not alone in trying to rig the 2024 election.

The story is wider than the three states I’ll cite today but they are all battleground states. Most states are a foregone conclusion as to their electoral votes in 2024. A small handful are not and those are the ones I’m paying attention to and I’m citing three of them today.

The weapons include the intimidation of both voters and election officials, the replacement of election workers/officials, voter intimidation and old fashioned voter suppression. The GOP is simply trying to make it more difficult for voters who belonging to demographic groups less likely to vote for them to actually cast a ballot and have it counted.

To the Badger State first. The headline is basically a case of replacing a fair home plate umpire with a friendly one. The present Wisconsin election chief committed the “sin” of playing it straight in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Such behavior is unacceptable to Wisconsin Republicans so they are trying to force a replacement. Interestingly this is happening just after the Wisconsin Supreme Court (which makes the Supreme Court in DC look non-partisan) flipped to liberal control.

Two Georgia high ranking Republican officials get a lot of credit but if you really look at their record it is a long one of voter suppression. It’s not so much that they are good guys as they are a tad less evil ones. For years Georgia has purged voter rolls while making it much more difficult to both register and vote. You can give me all the rhetoric you want but I’m still going to judge you largely by your actions.

In my home state of North Carolina, the legislature recently returned to a veto proof Republican majority and the voter suppression legislation quickly followed. The current pending legislation awaiting a veto override includes voter suppression legislation including voter ID and expanded “observers”. The observers are a blatant attempt at voter intimidation. The “observers” would more accurately be referred to as intimidators and human rain delays. Baseless challenges will result in long lines, longer voting times and people not voting. Those are GOP goals especially in predominantly Black precincts.

There is similar legislation in other states but the thing these three have in common is that they are battleground states where a few thousand votes can make the difference. All three are also winner take all electoral vote states. The three states in question have a total of 42 electoral votes. Biden won both Georgia and Wisconsin in 2020 by small margins and North Carolina was his narrowest loss that same year.

The GOP motto for 2024 seems to be if you can’t win it outright, at least rig it.

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