Republican Lives Matter

This is the first, and most likely last, time I will utilize a Bible quote to begin an article but here it is from Luke 12:48: “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” The language is archaic and sexist but you get the idea. I’m certainly not a Bible person but I like the message of moral obligation.

OK, back to my plain, blunt language. The time has arrived where we need to mandate COVID vaccinations in America for all but those with a legitimate medical condition that prohibits them from getting vaccinated or the underage. Plain and simple. Full stop.

As of this writing, (about a week before scheduled publishing), America is averaging about 120,000 new COVID cases and over 1,000 COVID deaths per day. The serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths are almost exclusively those who have not been vaccinated. In America vaccination has broken down disproportionately along political party lines with almost all of the resistance coming from Republicans.

Let’s look a little more deeply at the situation we face today. While the Omicron variant is present the Delta variant is still the dominant strain. The current numbers are almost exclusively Delta but logic dictates that situation will not last much longer. Based on the currently available data, Omicron appears to be a classic good news/bad news situation. The good news is that is doesn’t appear to be as deadly. (If that holds, did we catch a break!) The bad news is that it appears to be much more contagious. Right in time for what for many – especially the least vaccinated – will be a relaxed holiday season of travel and gatherings.

Extrapolate that a bit and it means we can look forward to an exponential jump in new cases and hospitalization; deaths may thankfully be another matter but we don’t know that for certain. Wouldn’t it be better simply not to get sick in the first place?

Illness alone will be enough to adversely effect the economy. Hospitals in many regions of the country are already near capacity; they simply cannot handle another increase in COVID patients. There are other health care costs involved. What about the non-COVID patient who cannot get treatment because of COVID patients using all the resources? Take it one step further, what about all the people who put off treatment because of the continuing pandemic (that doesn’t have to exist in America) and eventually die or suffer serious consequences? We still do not know the complete ramifications of long term COVID but we have reason to suspect they will exist. Who pays for those avoidable costs?

In the early days of the pandemic – which is nearly two years old in America – I could somewhat understand the confusion and skepticism. That no longer holds true! The overwhelming evidence is that the vaccines are safe and effective. Masks, while not as effective as vaccines, are highly effective and social distancing also works. It just stands to reason that if you are not exposed you cannot contract.

Plain and simple, America cannot afford the lack of common sense and/or willful ignorance of a large minority of its residents.
Since as sizeable minority composed almost exclusively of Republicans refuse to be vaccinated and logic, facts, pleading and incentives have failed; we have no choice left but a mandate. Despite their obvious deficiencies their lives matter and the rest of us have a moral obligation to protect them from themselves.

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  1. I saw another exhausted and frustrated doctor on TV last night pleading for help. I have been saying for some time now that hospitals should discriminate against those who are not vaccinated. For a vaccinated person to suffer or die because a hospital’s resources are overwhelmed with unvaccinated patients is an OUTRAGE!

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