As I read the morning papers one headline struck me. A significant portion of the electorate considers inflation the number one issue heading to the polls. My regular readers know my philosophy: Americans vote against not for candidates and issues. If inflation is number one it is because people are unhappy with it.

I can derive that the voters in question are not only considering inflation as President Biden’s number one challenge but think he is doing a poor job combating it. With the benefit of hindsight, it is abundantly obvious that COVID was Donald Trump’s biggest (and to a great degree only real) challenge.

In classrooms composed of comparable students, instructors often grade on the curve. Basically, that means that the top performer gets an “A” and the worst gets an “F”. Since both COVID and inflation were global challenges, it would be fair to grade both Biden and Trump versus their peers (think: leaders of similar nations).

While admitting that inflation is a problem in America, we have the lowest inflation rate of any other industrialized democracy. Therefore, on the curve Biden gets an “A”.

During the pandemic America experienced over 20% of the world’s fatalities with less than 5% of its population. By far the worst performance of any similar country. Therefore, on the curve Trump gets an “F”.

Now you the voter have to act as a hiring manger this November and the two finalists for the position list the same job (think: class) on their resumes. One received an “A” the other an “F”. Which do you hire (read: vote for)?

In this scenario only a fool asks the failure to repeat the class expecting a different outcome.

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