Donald Trump tells his audiences that despite all his past transgressions he will now use that same “genius” – his word certainly not mine – to work for them. He holds himself forth as their champion. To borrow a phrase from Vice President Biden, my reply is: malarkey!

Trump is a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club. He never had to work for a thing in his life and his ideas, (no matter how ridiculous), have seldom been challenged during his adult life. He lives in the Donald Dome where all he hears is yes Mr. Trump, you are so brilliant Mr. Trump and your hands are so big Mr. Trump. I grew up as a white kid from the suburbs so my life was better than some but it was certainly nothing like Trump’s.

Let’s just look at one recently revealed number and really try to relate to it. Trump took a tax loss of nearly $916 million in 1995. That is the economic world he lives in and part of his evidentiary offering of his genius (go figure that one). Let’s try to put that into perspective.

A good part of my working career I earned above the national average yet I never hit the $100,000 mark. For the purposes of this discussion let’s assume you are among the Americans who earn $100,000 a year. (By the way expect to pay federal income taxes.) At that rate it would take you 9,160 years to earn what Trump declared as a loss in the lone year of 1995. (Back down at the $50,000 level – which is still more than the median income in America – we are talking 18,320 years.) Obviously nobody is going to live that long let alone work for that many years.

By the Gregorian (most Christian religions and business) and Julian (Eastern Orthodox Christian) calendars that would mean you are still working and had begun working 7,144 years before Jesus Christ’s birth.

If you happen to be Jewish (Happy New Year from and follow the Hebrew calendar it is the year 5777. That means you started working 3,383 years before Adam left the Garden of Eden and are still knocking down $100,000 a year today.

The simple answer is that Trump can’t possibly relate to John Q. Public. The reality is that he has no intention of relating to John Q. Public. He was born into and inherited a fortune and grew it largely by exploiting John Q. Public, stiffing sub-contractors who were largely John Q. Public type guys, getting nearly $1 billion in tax concessions (not counting this $916 million) and using the tax code to his advantage. He also shifted personal debts to corporations which then declared bankruptcy but not until they had paid him lavish fees for his “genius”.

If you think if elected he would do anything other than use the federal government to satisfy his personal greed then you really haven’t been paying attention. The “blind trust” he has proposed to put his assets and company into will be headed by his children. The trust may well be stupid and greedy; blind is another thing.

Trump never had a poor or working class day in his life. What makes you think he is capable of or interested in relating to you or to be your champion?

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