Recounts And Reactions

To say I didn’t like many election results would be an understatement along the lines of saying Wilt Chamberlain was a tall man! The reality is that we had winners and losers and the winner has been determined in every major race. Yet there is a recount and mythology industry that seems to keep chugging along instead of Americans, including a sitting Republican Governor, simply accepting the people’s vote.  

Before I get to the national story let me spend two paragraphs in my home state of North Carolina. By all normal standards and in the opinion of all neutral observers Democrat Roy Cooper defeated Republican incumbent Pat McCrory and is the Governor-elect of North Carolina.

McCrory and his minions are claiming voter fraud. They say that the only reason Cooper is in the lead and his lead is growing as the “straggler votes” are counted is because of massive voter fraud committed by “those people.” He is backed up by the same right wing groups that have been spreading this mythology for years. Remember a few years back when one of them presented the State Board of Election with “undisputable proof” of over 30,000 fraudulent votes. The taxpayer funded Board investigated all of the allegations and found that exactly zero had merit. Now McCrory and the same “non-partisan” players are filing motions and suits faster than the media can report. Thus far they have proven to be little more than desperation and delay tactics.   Their ultimate goal appears to be to throw the election to the Republican controlled General Assembly and have them name the winner.

On the national scene there is an effort by the far left (yes, there are people left of me) to mount a recount in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The reality is that even if all three of those states were flipped by recounts (which they will not be) Donald Trump still won the electoral vote and is the President-elect.

The effort is spearheaded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. It is probably a politically good move on her part. She hardly rates an asterisk in the election, has no political future on the national stage, but keeps her brand alive and raises money in the process of championing a recount. The part that disturbs me is that Hillary Clinton’s forces have joined the effort albeit in a small and qualified way. Personally Hillary Clinton’s political career is over. However she can remain a powerful and influential voice promoting liberal causes and candidates. I can’t think of too many scenarios where a progressive running in 2018 or 2020 would reject Hillary’s support.

Clinton conceded the race to Trump in the wee hours of November 9th. Her forces admit that any recount or investigation will not change the results of the election. I have been on the inside of many elections in several states. The process is pretty secure. The chances of massive voter fraud at the polls or in the tabulation by the Boards of Elections changing the results of the people’s votes in a national election are almost non-existent. It would simply require too large of a conspiracy including too many people of opposite political persuasions. The influence of fake news and Russia’s role in spreading it are another thing but massive fraud at the polls or massive shenanigans in the final tally – No.

Of course our President-elect isn’t helping matters any when he tweets (without basis in fact) that millions of people voted illegally and that is the only reason he lost the popular vote. Trump is the victor in our system but he certainly did not receive a mandate from the people! All he is doing is placating his ego and pandering to the extreme by embracing right wing mythology.

It is time for everyone to grow up and accept reality whether they like it or not! We are a country of rules and laws and if you don’t like them you need to work within the system to change them.

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  1. With respect to your last paragraph, it remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will be a President who practices “the rule of law”.

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