Recent Thoughts And Observations

Typical of the Trump era things are happening on the political front too rapidly to cover them all. I’d like to give my readers my thoughts on a few recent events with the full knowledge I will miss more than I cover. Let’s explore.

For some unexplained reason I am a Senate junkie and three candidates announced over the past few days. On net it is good news for the Democrats. Democrat Amy McGrath announced that she will challenge Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. Knocking off Mitch will be a tall order but McGrath is a top-tier candidate. Expect to hear much more about her in the months to come.

In Kansas radical right winger Kris Kobach has announced on the Republican side for the seat retiring Republican Pat Roberts in vacating. Kobach will almost undoubtedly be the Republican nominee but he is so radical that the Democrats will have a chance of stealing a seat in deep red Kansas.

Democrat Mark Warner looks safe in Virginia and with Scott Taylor announcing on the GOP side Warner’s prospects look even better. Taylor’s last campaign is still under investigation for allegedly fraudulent petition activity on the behalf of a third party candidate in an effort to split the Democratic vote. Ladies of Northern Virginia it is simple; if you turn out Warner wins.

Eric Swalwell became the first casualty of the first round of debates. He wisely dropped out to defend his House seat after he received a primary challenger shortening the clock. We need several more to drop out and run for the Senate and in several cases just run away.

Tuesday morning’s Washington Post ran a story that I doubt will receive sufficient attention. They reported that the Treasury will run out of money before the end of September; that is earlier than previously expected. It seems the Trump Tower Tax Cut is causing a bigger cash flow problem than expected. Even in the best of times – which this certainly is not – congress and the president are notorious for making eleventh hour deals. Trump has proven to be as adept at running the federal government as he was at the casino business. Congress is scheduled to be on vacation most of August, not returning until after Labor Day. Is it really much of a stretch to see another shutdown coming? Oh, and don’t forget the new fiscal year starts on October 1. This will get interesting and I’m afraid not in a good way.

In a series of events that had all the hallmarks of an internal political hit job, over last weekend it was leaked that the UK’s Ambassador to the US, Kim Dorroch, had described Trump as “Inept” and that he could collapse in “Disgrace and downfall.” He describes Trump’s administration as full of backstabbing and a diplomatic dysfunctional disaster.

That is consistent with much open sourced information and reporting but it appears it was leaked in order to bring about Dorroch’s downfall. Not surprisingly, Trump is now saying he will no longer deal with Dorroch. Now here are a couple of dots that I think may connect. Boris Johnson appears poised to become the UK’s next prime minister. Despite some recent Johnson rhetoric to the contrary Johnson and Trump are equally radical and have a good relationship. Neither would want anything other than a sycophant in that diplomatic slot. If you can’t take the truth; fire it.

Trump loves to brag about his great economy when if you look at some of the underlying factors the omen of disaster is present. There is one occupation Trump has and continues to do wonders for – defense attorneys.

Next Independence Day can we just get Trump some toy soldiers, airplanes and tanks to play with on his bedroom floor? It would be a lot more cost effective.

When Trump went to visit Kim Jung-un he invited him to the White House. I couldn’t help but think of the parallel with prostitution. Trump went to Kim to flatter Kim’s ego – was that an out call? If Kim comes to the White House to look like a world leader does that constitute an in call? I wonder if there will be tapes. Maybe Trump can get his buddy Jeffrey out of jail to take pictures.

I’ll leave you with a scary thought to ponder. Theoretically 2020 should be much like 1976 in that anyone with a “D” after their name should be able to win the presidency. I have yet to encounter anyone who I consider politically knowledgeable who feels that way. If voters don’t turnout Trump could win reelection and that is ignoring probable foreign interference. Conventional wisdom discounted the rise of Europe’s most famous fascist leader in the 1930 and it also discounted Trump (I will admit my guilt) in 2015 and 2016. Three strikes and you are out. Can you imagine an unconstrained, lame duck Trump?      

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