Really, Just A Few Hours

So much happened in such a short period of time that it took a moment to realize it was not a nightmare or fictional movie. Let’s explore.

In an earlier article I reviewed President Trump’s Thanksgiving Day almost surreal phone call and press availability. Since then we discovered what was the real reason, (other than fear), that Trump didn’t visit troops in a war zone. Trump played golf on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Trump may love the military but he proved he loves to cheat on the golf course more.

At 2pm on Black Friday the Trump administration released a climate change report. Among the many findings was that climate change potentially will have a negative effect on America’s GDP to the tune of 10%. When reporters questioned Trump about it he dismissed it saying he didn’t believe it. It’s probably another hoax like climate change itself, the Mueller probe, Russian interference in the 2016 election, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) being involved in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, family separation at the southern border and I’m sure a plethora of other things that right wing mythology knows and the rest of us don’t realize.

I feel that climate change is the biggest long term (and the term may not be that long) problem facing the world. I don’t know when we will hit the point of no return and just how severe the consequences will be. However its existence and man’s contributions to it are undeniable! If you wanted to bury a news item I could think of few better times to release it than on the Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend when half the population was preoccupied with shopping and much of the remainder was watching sports on TV, eating leftover turkey or just visiting with family. Way to keep America safe Mr. President.

Sunday we were treated to entertainment on the southern border courtesy of the Trump administration. Although as of this writing nobody will take responsibility for issuing the order, on that day American forces fired tear gas into a sovereign country. Their target was a group of refugees comprised largely of women and children. On several occasions I have stated that I believe immigration reform is the most complex social problem facing America. The current situation on the Mexican border is largely another Trump administration manufactured crisis. The root problem is incredibly poor management. We have known that a large number of refugees were heading to the border for some time now. The prudent move would have been to send more personnel qualified to control the crowds and process the people in accordance with American and international law to the border. What did Trump do? He sent a bunch of soldiers who largely did nothing; but it was a good pre-election stunt designed to get Bubba to show up at the polls. If you look at the results of the mid-term objectively that didn’t translate into success either.

Of course right wing mythology tells us that the caravan is a well-organized Democratic scam financed by George Soros to steal elections from the likes of Trump. Who could resist all that fun? Days of walking hundreds of miles, scarce food, non-existent shelter and when you get within sight of America we tear gas your kids. Then it gets even better; if you are somehow lucky enough to get into America we steal your kids from you. That doesn’t sound like an all expenses paid luxury vacation to me.

I don’t know what is the most outrageous: the broken laws or the total abdication of moral leadership in the world. I grew up in an America that we correctly saw as the world’s leader in international morality and the primary defender of freedom.

Late Monday morning General Motors announced it was cutting about 15,000 employees and effectively shuttering four American and one Canadian plant. A while back I predicted that Trump’s renegotiation of NAFTA would cost American and Canadian auto jobs. In truth, that factor was only part of GM’s reasoning but the fact that the pact makes it much more desirable to manufacture in Mexico than the US or Canada is undeniable. Reality didn’t stop rhetoric for Trump. In Mississippi that night he still talked about how the manufacturing jobs were flocking back to the United States and about all the plants and mines that were reopening. The scary part is that Trump may actually be so detached from reality that he believes his own malarkey.

Monday actually started out as a rather normal day for the Trump era. The big anticipated news event was former Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos reporting to jail. While my wife and I were eating dinner the real legal bombshell hit; Robert Mueller voided Paul Manafort’s plea agreement because Manafort simply just kept lying. I don’t know about you but I felt it was somehow poetic justice that Paul Manafort’s plea agreement was voided on Cyber Monday.

Somewhere in this mix Russia seized several Ukrainian ships on the high seas. Nikki Haley used strong diplomatic language to condemn the act in the United Nation’s Security Council where Russia has a veto. The impolite comparison is urinating into the wind. As to Trump, he’s not happy with either side and he’ll be looking into it.

There is an international meeting coming up soon where I’m certain we’ll see the pictures of Trump being buddies with Vladimir Putin and MBS. The Russian news agency has already said the naval incident will have no effect on a planned Putin-Trump meeting. You connect all those dots.

That wasn’t all that happened but you probably have other things to do. Strange as it may seem it all happened in a matter of a few hours’ time. Really, just a few hours!

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