Rated R

I believe it is often impossible or nearly impossible for an individual to boycott a business. Sometimes there simply isn’t another outlet for that good or service that is a practical alternative. However most of us can restrict the amount of business we do with an entity that will only turn around and use the profits it derives from the sale to us to advance a political agenda that is harmful to us and/or causes we believe in.

Therefore, I am asking my readers to restrict their business dealings with the entities on this list and whenever possible avoid purchasing the products they sell.

This section was recreated after the “crash”. The first fourteen entities were relisted on July 21, 2016. All subsequent listings will be followed by the date of the related posting.

Fox News

Koch Industries

Las Vegas Sands Corporation

The Enterprises and Associates of Art Pope

Brandywine Funds

Papa John’s


Cancer Treatment Centers of America

National Rifle Association

Reynolds American

Jordan Winery


Hobby Lobby

Gator’s Dockside Restaurants


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