Rated R – Las Vegas Sands Corporation

Much has been made of late of Sheldon Adelson’s donations to the pro Newt Gingrich Super PAC Winning Our Future. Adelson is the C.E.O. of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Like every American, Mr. Adelson is free to choose which candidates he supports with his political donations. All I would like is for progressives to give Mr. Adelson a little less money to operate with.  

Adelson is the eight richest person in America with a net worth of $21.5 billion. He is vehemently anti-union and was a Democrat as a young person having switched affiliations when he became wealthy. Combining those two facts with his history of significant donations to Republican causes I feel it is fair to conclude that Adelson is motivated by greed.

Here are Adelson’s businesses:

The Venetian (Las Vegas, NV)

The Palazzo (Las Vegas, NV)

Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem (Bethlehem, PA)

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

The Venetian Macao (Macao)

The Plaza Macao (Macao)

Four Seasons Hotel Macao (Macao)

Sands (Macao)

While it is often difficult to restrict your patronage of certain outlets or services, the companies of Las Vegas Sands Corporation are easy to avoid. It is very easy to stay and/or gamble elsewhere if you find yourself in Las Vegas, Bethlehem, Singapore or Macao.

The Singapore and Macao locations present an interesting situation. One of the consequences of Citizens United is that it opened the door to foreign money becoming involved in American elections. To further complicate this particular situation keep in mind that Macao is a special administrative region of China. That’s correct this situation opens the door to Chinese money becoming involved in our elections.

Sheldon Adelson may not have been born a rich man but he will certainly die one. I just don’t want to make him any richer and I certainly do not want to help fund his contributions to people who would harm the American working class.

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