Rated R – Koch Industries

If I have to explain why Koch Industries’ products are being placed on the restricted list then you simply haven’t been paying attention. This is a classic example of why progressives should not spend money with an organization. The Koch brothers are the largest financiers of the radical right wing.

Very simply when you spend a dollar with them, part of that dollar is profit. I have no problem with that. They are in business to make a profit and I certainly do not begrudge them that. What they do with part of that profit is fund extreme right wing groups and politicians. At that point it is their money and what they do with it is their business. My point is that I don’t want the money I gave them to ultimately be used against my best interests. The simple solution is to not let them have my money in the first place. Therefore I call on all my readers to restrict their spending with Koch Industries.

Koch Industries is international in scope and their products and services are diverse. They do business under a wide variety of names so it is not as simple as remembering one brand or company name. This in and of itself is not deceptive, although the end result is confusing. Many of their products or services are the result of acquisitions and it was simply good business to retain the old name. It is also a common practice in business to offer similar, and in some cases identical, products under multiple names as “insurance” against bad publicity. It is basically an offshoot of the old diversification in the avoidance of risk principle – or don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

There are many boycott efforts against Koch Industries already. A simple Google search will lead you down that path. Restricting spending with the Koch brothers is easier said than done. Some of their products are consumer goods, those are easy. Simply don’t put them in your shopping cart. Much of their income is derived from business to business, (B to B), transactions. The ultimate consumer is a third party to the transaction at best and is often unknowing. A good example is Georgia-Pacific. A large part of Georgia-Pacific’s revenue is derived from building products. If your contractor is building your new house do you know whose building material he is using? Is it practical to negotiate this point with your contractor?   However if you are going to your local home improvement store to get supplies for your weekend DIY project avoid Georgia-Pacific products whenever you are able to.

Some of Koch Industries products are used for agricultural applications, (i.e. Nitamin, Nitamin NFusion, and Agrotain). I’m a city boy and simple lack the knowledge of agriculture to know the specifics of how these items are purchased and what the feasibility of substitution is.

Some of their consumer products are marketed in Europe under different names. I have discovered 11 of them and they are included in the listing.

Koch Industries has several subsidiaries that are global in scope and deal in industrial products and services. Included among them is Koch-Glitsch, LP from which sales to Iran have been traced. The legality of those transactions is under investigation. This much is clear, had an American Mom and Pop business conducted those transactions it would have been an unquestionable violation of American law.

Before I list the products and services let me be frank. Regardless of how successful any restriction/boycott efforts are Koch Industries is not going down. They are so immense and so diversely structured that even a huge success might not put much of a dent in their bottom line. However this is an opportunity to use their greed against them. Charles and David Koch already have world class wealth, but they crave more, much more. The loss of a few million dollars, which they simply do not need, will drive them crazy – such is the lust for wealth that people like them have. Perhaps more important you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are not feeding the army that marches against you.

Angel Soft toilet paper

Brawny paper towels

Dixie cups, plates etc.

Mardi Gras napkins and paper towels

Quilted Northern toilet paper

Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper

Sparkle napkins

Vanity Fair napkins

Zee napkins


Stainmaster Carpets

Comforel fiberfill

Coolmax fabric

Condura fabric

Solarmax fabric

Supplex fabric

Thermolite fabric

Dacron fiber

Tactel fiber

Lyrca fiber

Polarguard fiber

Tactesse carpet fiber

Polyclear resin

Polyshield resin

Phenrez resin

Somerelle bedding products

Terate polyols

Terathane polyether glycol


Nitamin NFusion


Dense Armor drywall and decking

Tough Armor Gypsum board


Fibre Strong rim board

Blue Ribbon OSB rated sheathing and sub-floor

DryGuard enhanced OSB

Nautilus wall sheathing

Thermostat OSB radiant barrier sheathing

Broadspan engineered wood products

XJ 85 I-joists

Fire Defender FS and branded and mineral cores

Hushboard sound deadening board

Koch-Glitsch, LP

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.

John Zink Co., LLC

Colhgar (Europe)

Delica (Europe)

Demak’Up (Europe)

Inversoft (Europe)

Kitten Soft (Europe)

Lotus (Europe)

Moltonel (Europe)

Nouvelle (Europe)

Okay (Europe)

Tenderly (Europe)

Tutto (Europe)

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