Rated R – Jordan Winery

Today I add the wines of Jordan Winery to the restricted list. It has nothing to do with quality and everything to do with the politics of the current C.E.O. John Jordan. Jordan Winery makes a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Chardonnay. Reflecting my prejudice in wines, I will concentrate on the Cab which is fantastic. Vintages vary, but expect to pay north of $40 at retail, (significantly more in a restaurant), and it will most likely be rated at 90 points or above. In fact the only problem you will have with the wine is finding it; it is usually allocated.

John Jordan has emerged as a new player in the Republican big money donor game. In Jordan, Dick Morris has found a new sugar daddy. As I followed tomorrow’s special election for United States Senator in Massachusetts the polling I saw consistently showed Democrat Ed Markey in the lead by between 10 and 20 points. I kept getting fundraising e-mail requests citing a poll showing Markey leading by only 1 point. I reasoned the cited poll to be an outlier, deleted the e-mails and gave it no further thought. That is until Friday when the news broke that Jordan had been funding the polling. This is not his first adventure into funding political causes; he has also contributed some $1.2 million dollars to Republican Gabriel Gomez’ campaign among other involvements. To put the Massachusetts race in perspective, the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has spent about $300,000 less to date than Jordan did in just a two week period.

The survey in question was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates. If you go to their website the first thing you notice is an “endorsement” from the conservative Washington Times. Their client list reads like a who’s who of right wingers past and present. The survey in question contains the disclaimer, “This survey was organized and funded by John Jordan, a Republican donor and activist.”

Let’s look at just who John Jordan is. Like many of his ultra-conservative, deep pocketed counterparts he is a member of the lucky sperm cell club. His father Tom founded the winery in the year of his birth, 1976. Since his boyhood his favorite hobby has been piloting a plane; not exactly a poor boy’s pastime. I love how the purchased mouthpieces of so many of the wealthy try to make entitlements a dirty word when it is in fact their financiers who feel like they are entitled to everything and everyone else is just living off of them. John Jordan’s education is more extensive than mine. However I paid for every dime of mine; I doubt little Johnny can say the same.

Special elections are difficult to predict. That being said, I expect to see Ed Markey sworn into the United States Senate before this week is out. John Jordan will have wasted over one million dollars of his fortune. All I ask is that good progressives don’t help add to it.

Disclosure: I spent thirty years in the beverage alcohol industry and am a Certified Wine Expert.

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