Rants, Raves And Observations

For many it’s the first day back to work after a long weekend. I’ll give you a few things to talk about at coffee break.

Hillary ‘24

There is a whisper campaign to make Hillary Clinton the Democrats’ 2024 presidential nominee if Joe Biden decides not to run. She could be a compromise candidate – as many feel that Biden was – uniting the factions of the party.

I voted for her in 2016 and if she were the 2024 nominee almost certainly would again. However, I doubt that will come to pass. Hillary will be 77 on Election Day 2024. One of the knocks against Biden is age and I don’t see how a Hillary candidacy puts that to bed.

It Ain’t Over By A Longshot

One of the things that scares me is that too many Americans are acting like the threat of COVID-19 is in the rearview mirror. As of this writing the latest data available is for July 2nd. In the past month only 5 days have been registered below the 100,000 mark for reported new infections (and we know infections are underreported). The lowest was June 21st at 96,218. America, we still have a problem.

They Came For Me Already

One of the arguments civil rights advocates would use on white people who were hesitant to get involved was they are coming for you next. Especially with the renewed effort to ban books they have come for me already. Old, cisgender, heterosexual, white males are among the least threatened people in America but I am far from immune!

The forces of evil are attacking people I care about when they attack women (more than half of my family), members of the LGBTQ+ community and non-whites. We are all in this together whether we realize it or not. The forces of evil very much believe in divide and conquer.

Trump’s Got My Back

There are people who actually believe that and I find it terrifying. Just look at his history. When you are no longer useful to him Trump will hang you out to dry and leave you on the clothesline during a hurricane.

Trump Won’t Be The GOP Nominee In 2024

That could be the case although it is far from a certainty at this point. I don’t take comfort in that. As of today it appears Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the most likely heir to the throne. Much could change between here and the 2024 Republican National Convention but is DeSantis your savior? Do Ted Cruz or Josh Hawley sound any better? To show you how much the inmates have taken over the asylum just consider that 2012 nominee Mitt Romney is close to a pariah in the national party.

The Word Game

There are several places where for years, if not decades, the Republicans have kicked the Democrats’ behinds. One of them is the word game. The right wing extremist’s that took over the GOP over the past decade or so needed to have a veneer of respectability so they appropriated the term “conservative” and became “Republicans”. “Conservative” and “crazy” are not synonyms. There is nothing conservative about attacking the Capital and killing police officers in the process.

One the other side of that same coin, they have been successful in equating the words “socialism” and “communism” in the minds of their minions. Is it any wonder they fight public education at every opportunity? They are about as equal as “conservative” and “fascist”. I generally disagree with conservatives but I respect them; I neither agree with nor respect fascists.

Lost In The Deluge

The deluge of information coming out of the 1/6 Committee hearings has been so huge that some things are simply falling between the cracks. Among them is that on January 3, 2021 the Capital Police issued a warning of possible violence at the Capital Building on 1/6. I’d like to know more about that. Did somebody dropped the football or was part of an inside job?

Tough Guy Ted?

Ted Cruz talked tough about Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign and these days does all but (oops, my PG rating!) …well you get the idea. Now Cruz has taken on a real heavyweight (not that Trump is in a lower weight class). He is at war with Elmo. A Muppet and a minion? I guess Big Bird proved to formidable of an opponent for the Senator from Cancun.

Witness Tampering

I appears that 1/6 witnesses have been tampered with/influenced. This is another one straight out of Trump’s wannabe mobster playbook.

Let me begin with a bit of personal history. I once worked for an organization that decided to add the “benefit” of paying for arbitration services in the event of a labor dispute. In exchange the employee would agree in writing not to exercise their legal rights. (New employees got hit with this document in the blizzard of first day paperwork.) Both my immediate boss and I were among the very, very few who saw through this and refused to sign up despite pressure. Despite record setting performances we were never promoted after that and eventually left.

Let’s see, the arbitrator was going to be paid by the company to supposedly impartially solve a dispute between the company and the employee. How long do you think the arbitrator keeps the gig if they rule against the company?

Trump, thorough his Save America PAC is doing something similar in paying for the legal representation of many called before the 1/6 Committee. The beauty of this scam is that Trump controls the money but it comes from donations. Typical Trump – OP money. Knowing where the check comes from whose interests do you think the attorneys are keeping front of mind?

Witness Intimidation

Listening to some of the tough guy talk in the thinly veiled threats to 1/6 witnesses I couldn’t help but think back to the threats Stormy Daniels alleged came from Trump operatives. The dialog sounds similar and like it all came out of a bad mobster movie.

I’m not holding Daniels out as a paragon of virtue but I admit I don’t hold Trump in any higher regard particularly when it comes to telling the truth. All other thing being equal I’d be inclined to believe Daniels in a he said/she said.

OK, back to work for all you who are not on vacation or retired. I have more but it will have to wait for another day.

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