Radio And Stick To The Script

Being in the cone of uncertainty for Hurrian Dorian (fortunately the extreme western end of it) I paid a lot of attention to the news on Sunday. Dorian was one of the two dominant stories. As any of my regular readers know I have a rather low opinion of President Trump which was only reinforced by his televised behavior on Sunday. I have some free advice for him if he wants to improve his image. Let’s explore.

Trump looked like a buffoon wearing his silly snapback hat. I am pretty sure I know why he did it. He sells it on one of his websites and he wants to make it the new cool thing in the Bubba set. Of course it violates several laws and political ethics for the president to use his office to personally profit but when have laws, ethics, norms or morals constrained Trump’s behavior? This is not the first time Trump has advertised something he is selling on the job.

If his handlers care about his image with anyone possessing an IQ above room temperature and have any control over him (both of which are extremely doubtful) they would get him off camera. Instead of doing TV he could start doing radio exclusively. His combover gets worse with every passing day and the hats aren’t making him look more presidential.

If my advice is followed that would take care of the visual; now let’s turn our attention to the audio. Trump tries to speak extemporaneously which he simply lacks the intelligence to do effectively. Media professionals have long cited the difference between “Teleprompter Trump” and “off the cuff Trump”. Trump actually does a somewhat decent job of reading off a teleprompter but gets in trouble when he tries to simultaneously think and speak; it is simply too complicated for him. While on this topic I have one other word of advice: don’t have Stephen Miller write your addresses – he includes too many lies. My advice is brief statements with no follow-up questions allowed.

Two great examples of Trump being unable to simultaneously think and talk were on display Sunday. At some length Trump went on about Dorian being the first category 5 hurricane in American history; actually there have been several category fives during Trump’s time in office. Also, seemingly out of nowhere he went on about Alabama in relation to the storm. Alabama? The states currently most likely to see a significant impact are Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and possibly Virginia.

I may not like Trump but for the time being he is the only president my country has; I’d just like to see him act less the fool.

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