Put Bad People In Power…

Wednesday morning, I awoke to a bombardment of the same story, albeit with slightly different headlines. In what was obviously a coordinated announcement Ireland, Norway and Spain had recognized a Palestinian state. This is in addition to the UN recently taking similar action. That didn’t happen in a vacuum.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a radical right wing political leader and the current Prime Minister of Israel. He is the architect of what most would call the genocide being waged against the residents of Gaza. While I and everyone else of sense condemn the terrorist attacks of October 7th in the strongest possible terms that does not justify Israel’s reaction. That action is in fact the catalyst for the recent international reactions like those of Wednesday morning’s headlines.

Bad leaders take bad actions and often the common people pay the price. The most glaring and extreme example of that is Adolf Hitler and the people of Germany. The German people paid a terrible price during the later stages of World War II. The nation was separated in the aftermath of the war and especially those who lived in East Germany (officially: the German Democratic Republic – don’t judge a “book” by its “cover”) continued to pay the price for decades thereafter.

Netanyahu and his ilk want an Israel for Jews while making everyone else a second-class citizen or less. If you are an Israeli citizen or someone who cares about Israel or its Jewish citizens you have to ask yourself how similar moves have worked out for the common denizens of other countries.

Let’s look at “Wednesday’s trio” in particular. They are not the first or only countries to recognize a Palestinian state but they are particularly prestigious on the international diplomatic stage. All three are EU members. Two (Norway and Spain) are NATO members. While for obvious (and fortunately diminishing) reasons Ireland is not a NATO member it holds a special place in the minds and hearts of many, if not most, Americans and is generally viewed in a positive light.

The law of unintended (on Netanyahu’s part anyway) consequences may end up prevailing here and a two-state solution may yet be achieved.

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