Puppet Legislation?

It seems to me that about once a year I write an article largely purloined from someone else’s work. When that happens, I cite and/or link to the article. Today is one of those instances. On October 2, 2023 Paul Krugman wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times entitled, Why MAGA Wants to Betray Ukraine. Here is the link: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/02/opinion/columnists/maga-republicans-ukraine-html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=artilceShare .

Krugman is an economist – a Nobel Prize winning one – and much of his argument centers on the false (or are they really that arithmetically challenged?) right wing argument that we are spending too much money on Ukraine. If the right wing wasn’t also so historically challenged (maybe they should spend their time reading history books instead of banning them) I would offer the argument of what price can we put on democracy.

I found Krugman’s argument that the relatively small sums we have spent on Ukraine are tiny in comparison to what we spent on Afghanistan and Iraq. Then you add in the fact that the Ukrainians, not Americans, have done the actual fighting and they, not Americans, account for the casualties.

In my mind there are only two possible conclusions to reach about the MAGA led growing Republican resistance to aid to Ukraine. One is simply an own the libs political one. In their minds anything that President Biden supports they automatically oppose. The Republicans are correct in that their job is to be the loyal opposition; the only problem is that they forgot the “loyal” part. As in loyal to America and what it stands for, (i.e. democracy).

The other darker one, which I am certainly not willing to dismiss, is that they are more loyal to Vladimir Putin than anything or anyone else. Is Putin Trump’s puppet master and the elected Republicans effectively Trump’s and therefore Putin’s puppets?  Remember, at it’s core this conflict is about democracy and democracy is Putin’s number one enemy.

The reading here may not be as informative as what can be found in a Mar-a-Lago bathroom but I trust Dr. Krugman and I will make the time you spend reading our article worthwhile.

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