Protect Yourself

This is my second to last “live” article before I take my year end break. Combining the calendar, its implications and the recent COVID numbers and I just want to advise all my readers to protect themselves!

It wasn’t that long ago that the 14 day rolling average of new cases was approaching 30,000 which is where I had arbitrarily determined I would do a few things I was putting off. The colder weather, a few holidays and a lot of carelessness combined and now we are over  60,000.

If you are not already fully vaccinated get so pronto! Despite right wing rhetoric to the contrary vaccines are highly effective in preventing contracting the virus and in the case of breakthrough infections make the experience milder and much less likely to be fatal. The sad reality is that a significant portion of our population isn’t intelligent enough to get vaccinated endangering themselves and everyone they come in contact with. They will not protect you (they aren’t even protecting themselves) so your only option is to protect yourself.

Even though you are fully vaccinated – and unless there is a medical reason why you can’t be I certainly hope that you are – wear a mask especially in indoor settings. As an aside, there are other diseases in addition to COVID out there. Many are spread via the air. Masks simply protect you. Yes, they are inconvenient and mildly annoying but I’d rather my glasses fog up than get ill.

I’m going to be short today because my message is simple and I selfishly want to keep you as a reader for a long time. Bottom line: PROTECT YOURSELF!

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