Project 2025 Part Two

I’m still far from the halfway point of Project 2025. In fact, I don’t know just how much of my new reading I will cover today. Remember I’m being brief.

Rick Dearborn is the principal author of the chapter entitled White House Office. Mr. Dearborn is a former Trump White House staffer. Before that he served in a senior position on Trump’s transition team. Hardly an outsider.

The first thing that struck me is Dearborn’s reliance on misinformation and right wing mythology. This situation reminds me of the old computer acronym – GIGO which stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out.

He advocates for removing the “firewalls” between the White House and the Justice Department. True, Justice is an executive branch agency but in order to remove politics from the pursuit of justice the firewalls need to exist.

His problem is rooted in his misunderstanding of just who the White House Counsel’s client is. It is the office of the presidency not (as Dearborn believes it to be) the current temporary occupant of the Oval Office.

He advocates “reviewing” the use of the White House Correspondents’ Association. In other words, he wants to make each journalist a sort of free agent. That smack of a divide and control strategy to me, along with suppression of a free press.

He also calls for cleaning house in the National Security Council staff and replacing them all with loyalists. Then we might have nothing but perfect phone calls; or at least the public would never hear of the not so perfect ones.

The next chapter is much more of a collaboration but just as delusional and dangerous. In it the authors largely talk of the federal government workforce. They want to set up an easy to manipulate testing system that would make it easy to install loyalists. Loyalty to a person not the country or any principles is a recurring theme. Am I the only one who is reminded of Nazi Germany?

They want to lower the “reform time” for disciplined workers along with the appeals process for those terminated. Again loyalty and fear are the key elements. If you can control the supervisors who then in turn can bully the line workers, said workers will comply in fear of swiftly and irrevocably losing their jobs. The only goal of the intimated worker will be to be an obedient servant of the master not of the people. What I have long called the Plantation Mentality pervades this. It will come as no surprise that this is one of many calls for the elimination of unions.

Much is made of the long debunked right wing myth that government workers are much more highly compensated than similar workers in the private sector. This myth includes contractors (of which the government employs many). If that is so then why do contact employees seldom take the same positions as government employees when offered? The answer is simple: the contract employees can’t afford the cut in pay.

They also want to make a change to the current layoff guidelines. Currently seniority is the number one factor with performance ratings (reviews) the third. They want to flip-flop that order. This would of course make the employee even more beholden to their supervisor because it would increase the value of a positive rating which a loyalist boss would only give to a compliant employee.

Well, I only took you through Section One of the book today but that seems like a perfect place to stop for now anyway. Trust me, there is more. Be very scared, these people may be mad but they are serious and they are very, very close to Donald Trump. The danger is real!

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