Project 2025 Part One

When I decided I had to read Project 2025 I did not know how lengthy my comments would be. Would it be a single article or a series. Well, I’m less than 100 pages (out of over 900) into my reading and I already know it will be a series of, at this point, of yet to be determined duration. If I had to make an initial comment it is: this is worse than I imagined!

The report is put out by the Heritage Foundation. They are a far right alleged think tank. I have met only of their senior members. Perhaps my wife has the best description of him based on a brief encounter and familiarity with his stances. She describes him as, “Dumber than a box of rocks”. Honesty, I have a difficult time disagreeing with her analysis. It is unfair to judge an organization based on one of its people, but…

A few events converged to make me feel compelled to read the report in its entirely. One was Donald Trump’s denial of any knowledge of it. Hmmm, just like he didn’t know anything about the Proud Boys or many other things/entities/persons that ended up being associated with him. I may be dating myself, but I never believed Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes when he said, “I know nothing” either.

Couple that with the Heritage Foundation’s President, Kevin Roberts, statement that the second American revolution could be “Bloodless if the left allowed it.” In other words, we will come armed, (like we did on January 6th) but will refrain from firing our weapons unless fired upon first. Not exactly a broken arrow! These people are serious, now I owed it to myself and my readers to determine if they were also crazy.

The project is a blueprint for the next president – and the group assumes that Trump will be that person. It is not just a Day One Plan; it is an Hour One Plan. It features four pillars.

Pillar One calls for an outline of; “…how major federal agencies must be governed…”.

Pillar Two stresses the necessity of “…a personnel database …” that “…will be shared with the President elect’s team…”.

Pillar Three calls for a training program for the new team.

Pillar Four illustrates the need for a playbook to be executed, “Upon the President uttering ‘so help me God.”’

The intros go on to another four points.

#1 “Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life and protect our children.” That sounds like a good selling point to Bubba. Experience teaches us that the right wing will use it as cover.

#2 “Dismantle the administrative state.” Straight out of Steve Bannon’s playbook. Incidentally Bannon didn’t interview Roberts when he made the “Bloodless” statement on his podcast because Bannon was in prison that day and therefore couldn’t make it to work. His left wing jailers were probably cancelling him; at least that is what the far right will claim.

#3 “Defend our nation’s sovereignty, borders, and bounty against global threats.” Typical right wing mythology of “the others” are coming for you and yours. In this case “yours” includes womenfolk (which in this narrow case they respect), property and job. (The far right almost exclusively speaks to males. White, Christian (of one of the approved denominations), cisgender, heterosexual ones anyway.

#4 “Secure our God-given individual right to live freely…”. The far right loves to hide behind God. Well, their approved God anyway. You are free to do as you please except for family planning and sexual preferences, etc. Approved free activity?

The report calls the 1970’s the worst period in American history. What about the period (among others) just prior to the Civil War?
The forwards/introductions/prefaces call for “…deleting the terms sexual orientation, gender identity, diversity, equity and inclusion, gender, gender equality, gender awareness, gender sensitivity, abortion, reproductive health, reproductive rights… out of every federal rule, contract, grant, regulation and piece of legislation.” WOW!

They also declare that “Economic engagement with China should be ended, not rethought.” Isolationism is a path to self-destruction in a global economy. And that is a kind assessment of this economic idiocy!

That is all before the meat of the report. Be very scared!

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