Progressive Sweeping XXXVII

Wow! It’s the middle of June already. It seems like 2023 is flying by. Or perhaps it is just my age showing. In any event, I’ll take another stab at catching up a bit today.

What’s Brains Got To Do With It?

I’ll channel my inner Tina Turner for this segment. A while back I criticized Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville and, in the process, offered my opinion that he isn’t the sharpest knife in the Republican Senate drawer. Now Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance, who actually appears to have an elevator that goes all the way to the penthouse, is pulling an equally harmful stunt. Vance has vowed to block (in reality all he can do is slow down so obstruct is a more accurate term) all Biden nominees for Justice Department posts.

Vance’s temper tantrum is in defense of Donald Trump. I guess this could be held forth as an example of (paraphrasing the late Ms. Turner) what’s brains got to do with it?

A Nixon – Trump Juxtaposition

One of the unanswered questions in relation to the Trump documents scandal is simply why did Trump do what he did? Why did he take the stuff in the first place? More importantly, why didn’t he simply give it back when he had the chances?  Yes, multiple.

It is natural to compare Trump with Nixon. Both were engaged in criminal activities in the White House and both merited prison for their offenses. Furthermore, when you juxtapose Watergate and the documents scandal both were unnecessary. Nixon was going to win the 1972 election without the break in. Taking documents that didn’t belong to him and then not returning them certainly isn’t enhancing Trump’s future chances of getting back into the Oval Office.

This is not an apples-to-apples comparison. Watergate didn’t jeopardize national security. However, both are examples of unforced errors and self-inflicted wounds.

Save It For Truth Social

I doubt I’m the only one who is getting sick of hearing Trump’s lies and excuses for his conduct. My one liner is to tell him to save those comments for Truth Social where the participants may actually be low enough on the mental food chain to believe his malarkey.


The Wall Street Journal, not exactly a liberal bastion, recently ran the following headline, CPI Report Shows Inflation Has Been Cut In Half From Last Year’s Peak. Last month was the 11th straight that inflation dropped.

Finally, Some Accountability

The mother of the 6-year-old who shot a Virginia teacher has pled guilty to federal gun charges relating to her application for and storage of the weapon used. I’d call that parental responsibility. With rights come responsibilities.

Tommy Again

Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville made the wrap up twice. (Unless your name is Trump, that’s not easy to do.) This time I want to spotlight his comments about inner-city teachers. Among other thing he said they were lazy and possibly illiterate. This will probably be successful in Alabama politics where being racist plays well by George (and not much has changed over the decades since).

Today Of Personal Interest

I just ran across a Washington Post article from May 4th that suddenly literally hit home. Its headline began, Covid deaths decreased by 47 percent in 2022. At a time where I’m in self-enforced isolation having tested positive that means a lot. To date I’m suffering from a cold which is far from the worst I’ve ever experienced. I have to feel that the fact that I’ve been vaccinated five times has a lot to do with that. Thanks, Joe!

Another Not So Fast

Earlier this month the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Allen v Milligan. The decision preserved parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and rejected racist Alabama gerrymandering of the state’s congressional districts.

I’m still waiting for the decision in Moore v Harper. If that goes the wrong way it renders this decision moot.

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Clarence Thomas asked for extra time to complete his 2022 financial disclosure forms. For the record so did Chief Justice John Roberts. I’m not surprised, how about you?

Well, again I tried and failed but I hope I sparked you up a bit in the process.

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