Progressive Sweeping XXXVI

This will be another of my periodic attempts to catch up and simultaneously vent. If history is any guide, both efforts will be incomplete.

The Sellger

That’s not a typo; it’s a word I’m coining to describe the business deal between the PGA and The LIV golf tours. The word is a combination of the words sellout and merger. Following the Trump model, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to buy respectability in the United States by buying into the PGA. If the word I’m getting from professional golf writers is anywhere near accurate, this was more of welcoming cash aboard than a true merger. To put it another way, the PGA sold its soul.

Just Desserts

Chris Licht was fired as Chairman of CNN after 13 controversial and disastrous months on the job. It is long forgotten by most of us but his first big move was CNN+. No more needs to be said but it did get worse. Licht seemed to want to chase the lowest common denominator among the cable news audience (I thought that was Fox News’ job) more than pursue the truth.

The final nail in the coffin appears to have been the town hall with Donald Trump.

Has Anyone Thanked Andrea?

NBC has announced that Chuck Todd was leaving his assignment as host of Meet The Press and is being replaced by Kristen Welker. Hosting Meet The Press is generally considered the most prestigious job in political journalism. Welker will be the first female to sit in that seat. I doubt that would have even been possible without the pioneering efforts of fellow NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell.

The Spinning Snapback

Colorado Republican House Member Lauren Boebert missed the debt ceiling vote. In a video her office released she is seen wearing a backwards snapback and saying that she did not vote as a protest. Subsequently a CNN video shows her running up the steps of the Capital Building late for work. At $174,000 a year you’d think people whose highest academic achievement is a GED would actually have the common sense to show up for work on time.

Lauren, I’ll provide you with both a brief economics and fashion lesson. Intentionally defaulting is not a good thing and the brim goes in the front.

Of Smoke And Water

As I pen this air quality in large portions of the United States (including the Raleigh area where I live) is poor and the cause is a series of wildfires in Canada.

Arizona has limited new construction especially in the Phoenix area because of water shortages.

Both conditions are exacerbated by climate change. Other than to say that there is no escape, I’ll let my readers take it from there.

Donald Needs A Civics Lesson

Donald Trump promised that if reelected he will end birthright citizenship. The fact is that the President of the United States has no such power. Birthright citizenship is enshrined in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. In order to change that you would have to amend the Constitution. The President is no more involved in that process than any ordinary citizen.

A constitutional amendment requires two-thirds majority approval from both chambers of Congress. Unlike legislation the President neither signs it nor has veto authority over it. Assuming Congressional approval. The amendment (without alteration) must be approved by three-fourths of the state legislatures (currently 38).

Sorry Donnie. Maybe next time try reading first.

The AWB Strategy Won’t Work

Pick Up the Pieces was the Average White Band’s (more commonly known as AWB) biggest hit. It also seems to be the strategy most Trump primary challengers are employing. They are largely afraid to attack Trump. They appear to want to hang around long enough for him to self-destruct and then pick up the pieces. The problem is that if he fails to self-destruct the sheer size of the field will ensure that he wins the nomination.

28 Straight

Joe Biden has been in office for 28 consecutive calendar months. In every one of them the American economy has posted a job gain. Last month the gain was 339,000 jobs and an unemployment rate of 3.7% (economists generally consider 5% unemployment full employment in America). Maybe it’s just my blue-collar upbringing showing but I think people having jobs is a good thing. Remember that the demand factor in the American economy is still 70% consumer demand.

It Has To Be On Some Minds

The Trump indictment watch has become a fixture on other than right wing political broadcasts. A large part of Trump’s downfall – and it either comes or American democracy is in huge peril – will be that others flipped. Among his other flaws Trump is very lazy. If you are going to commit a crime you need to do it yourself. Trump refuses to even lift boxes.

With serious prison time being issued to some of his useful idiots you know others are watching and contemplating the same happening to them. How many will do time for Trump? In the case of older people these may be life sentences. Stay tuned.

Dangerous Poetry?

A Florida school district has restricted access to a book containing the poem Amanda Gorman read at Biden’s inauguration. I’ll just leave it there.

A Giant Step

The Republican controlled Texas State House impeached Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton. Now the matter moves to the Republican controlled Texas State Senate, (where Paxton’s wife holds a seat), for “trial”. I don’t know what the final outcome will be but impeachment (which comes with suspension from office pending “trail” in Texas) is a giant step!

Closing With An Outrage

The Indiana Medical Licensing Board fined Dr. Caitlin Bernard $3,000 for her role in disclosing the case of the 10 year-old denied a needed abortion. Indiana Republican Attorney General Todd Rokita went after Bernard in what was clearly a case of political retribution.
In today’s Indiana helping a patient obtain necessary medical care and exposing flaws in state law cost a doctor $3,000 (and that’s just the fine). I don’t think that will make a lot of medical professionals move to the Hoosier State!

Well, there are some things to ponder. “See” you Sunday.

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