Progressive Sweeping XXXV

This promises to be another futile effort to catch up but let’s go anyway.

I Remember Phone Booths

I’m a bit young to have participated, but I remember when seeing how many people you could cram into a phone booth was all the teenage rage. (I don’t think any of my grandchildren have ever seen a phone booth. Live and in America at least.) I’m not engaging in too much hyperbole to say that if all the non-evil DC Republican geniuses were in a phone booth there would still be plenty of room left over for the proverbial singing fat lady.

It’s Political

I’m taking a bit of a risk writing this about 33 hours before publishing in a dynamic situation but here I go. It appears the House Republicans (or at least a significant portion of them) are willing to blow up the economy in order to enhance Donald Trump’s chances of returning to the White House.

It’s more about winning (regardless of how bad their candidate is) than it is about ideology! Have no doubt about that!

Republican Courage?

Indiana Republican Senator Mike Braun is being praised in some corners (certainly not this one!) because he said that he would not support Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Note the use of the word “primary”. If he really had courage and conviction, he would say that he will not support him in the general, should he be the nominee. While Braun is not defending his seat in 2024, he is running for Governor in red Indiana and taking on Trump would take political courage. Not something that Braun has displayed much of especially when you consider that he voted not guilty in Trump’s two impeachment trials.

25th Amendment For Senators?

We have (though it has never been used) the 25th Amendment that provides for removing a serving president from office if incapable of performing the duties of the office. It may be time that we install a similar mechanism for United States Senators. Obviously, the case of California Democrat Diane Feinstein is front of mind. Don’t think this is an isolated incident or even the only current one. Has anybody paid attention to Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley lately? You can’t tell me the elevator is going all the way to the penthouse in that building any longer.

The New Slavery?

Michelle Alexander wrote a landmark book, The New Jim Crow, in 2010. The Republicans seem to be legislating a new slavery. Under laws they are passing in states where they control the state government, they are effectively making pregnant people property of the state and forcing them to remain pregnant until delivery often when the fetus is not viable and/or their life is at risk. Many of these states are trying to control their travel when pregnant. Forced births were a feature of slavery which the slave owners viewed as a business proposition that fed their greed.

While certainly not identical the similarities are striking and appalling!

Stupid, Arrogant Or Both?

A jury found Donald Trump guilty of slandering (along with sexually abusing) E. Jean Carroll and awarded her $5 million in damages. The very next day Trump repeated the slander almost verbatim. I don’t know if it was a smart move legally but I’m glad she amended an existing lawsuit to cover the repeated offense.

This is like you getting pulled over for speeding, getting a ticket and peeling out as you resumed speeding while the officer returns to their car. I’ll let you connect the dots and I’ll take an early exit having sufficiently nauseated myself.

I left a lot on the table but I must go.

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