Progressive Sweeping XXXIX

Lots to get to so let’s get going.

Trump Trio Doctrine

With the Trump era additions of Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court one of the changes is that the principle of the separation of church and state has been replaced by the supremacy of religion; their preferred religions that is.

One of the major early accomplishments of the Constitution was the establishment of religious freedom in America. The separation of church and state is foundational to the preservation of said freedom.

Another Billionaire Feud

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are feuding over their social media sites. It’s difficult to pick a side in this one. Is “None of the above” an option?

The Heat Is On

July 3rd set a global record as the hottest day in recorded history. (Many in the know speculate in 125,000 years.) That lasted all of one day when July 4th eclipsed it. Don’t bet on that record standing for long. The heat is on, and on, and on…

Best Wishes

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe has announced her forthcoming retirement from playing women’s soccer. In recent years soccer has become one of my favorite sports. (It will never displace baseball and admittedly, most of my viewing is of the English Premier League.) Rapinoe is more than a great player. She has been an ambassador for her sport and helped advance the women’s professional version of it. She has also been an effective spokesperson for LGBTQ+ issues. She is a great example of someone who has used their notoriety and fame for the greater good. The world could use many more Megan Rapinoes! I’m confident she will continue her off the pitch good work making this a better and more equitable world.

Jobs And Interest Rates

The June jobs numbers are in and at 209,000 net new jobs in the American economy job gains have been posted for the past 30 consecutive months. That is a slowdown in the rate of the Biden administration’s record job creation. The historically good employment picture is one of the concerns the Fed has cited when raising rates. The word on the street is that the Fed is still likely to raise rates one-quarter of a percent at its meeting later this month. Inflation is slowing and so is hiring. It would seem like it’s not time to further apply pressure to the brakes. Unless, your real goal is to tank the economy in order to hurt Biden and the Democrats at the polls in 2024 that is.

More Than Nuisance Money

Fox News agreed to pay former producer Abby Grossberg $12 million to settle a hostile workplace suit. The cost of lying and other bad behavior keeps adding up at Fox.

You’re In The Bigs Now Ronny

Many instances of shall we say interesting use of funds by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have been reported lately. He is finding out what Donald Trump discovered. As you get to the big leagues of politics you are covered by the best investigative reporters. It’s not like dealing with gossip columnists who are just looking for a clickbait headline.

I’m Not Sure About This One

Apparently, the Biden administration has agreed to provide Ukraine with cluster munitions. I have no inside information but I’m willing to bet this was a decision that thought much more of the immediate than long term repercussions. Honestly this decision did not make most Americans’ radar screens as would have some of the alternatives. These munitions are banned or looked down on for a reason. Many unexploded bomblets remain after the initial use and they make the land treacherous for future users. Many innocent victims end up dying or with severe injuries years after the initial conflict is over. American politics is too often current or short term focused. What I don’t know is what the other constraints (i.e. “input” from allies) were. Perhaps this was the best viable alternative available. History will give us better information with which to make a more accurate analysis.

Executive Branch Gutting

In a 5-4 ruling (Kavanaugh joining the minority) that didn’t get the coverage it merited (including here) the Supreme Court gutted much of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) authority to act. This time under the Clean Water Act. The majority’s basic argument is that Congress should approve every action, not an agency of the Executive Branch. How are 535 people, some of whom you have to question the intelligence of and who can’t seem to agree on or produce much, supposed to run something as big as the federal government?

When the best news I can come up with is that someone who is extremely talented at what she does is retiring from that then I think it’s time to call it a day.

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