Progressive Sweeping XXXIV

Well, it’s one of those clean up type days again. Plus, the last item really got to me.

A Strike On Trump?

With the screen writers’ strike the usefulness of Donald Trump may be even further diminished. Trump provided plenty of material for joke writers but they are not writing jokes now and many of their shows are either dark or in reruns.

GOP “Want Ad”

Today’s Republican party needs an ample supply of gullible temporarily useful idiots. They plan to eliminate free elections as soon as possible at which point they won’t need them anymore. However, their financiers still will as an easily exploitable labor force.

Reality Check

Donald Trump won one election (by a technicality and perhaps with illegally aid) and he thinks he is a political powerhouse. When I was playing high school basketball, I attempted many half court shots in “practice free time”. That was of course a wasted resource but I had fun and I was only in my teens. However, I realized that a making a half court shot was as much, if not more, luck than skill; and that I was not a half court shooter. Even as a teen I lived in reality.

Just Following Orders

Georgia Republican Party Chair, David Shafer is on the hot seat in the Georgia fake electors’ scam. His defense is that he was just following orders from Trump lawyers. Am I the only one or does this remind you of the defenses used by the Nazi’s at Nuremberg?

The Water Is Coming

This week scientists warned that a major glacier in Greenland is in danger of breaking away and melting faster that originally thought. Sea level rise is coming and we are woefully unprepared for it mainly because one political party is in denial.

And This Is A Problem?

The latest numbers informed us that the U. S. economy added a net 235,000 jobs in April. Perhaps it’s my blue-collar upbringing or I’m just not economically intelligent enough but I don’t see it as a problem. I swear the Fed will not stop raising rates until it put us in a recession.

Republican Safety Priorities

If you look at the states where Republicans are in control it will tell you what they think will protect the citizens.

Abortion bans: Women thinking for themselves and making their own health and reproductive decisions is a danger.

Drag shows: People dressing in obviously outlandish fashion is deadly.

Guns: Get as many out in circulation as possible. Make going to work, church, a concert, the supermarket and the mall an adventure because we all know that a good guy with a gun (gals really don’t count in their book) has never been killed by a bad guy with a gun.
Since we don’t want to require training – that would be an infringement on a God given right (I didn’t know that God helped pen the Second Amendment) – let’s allow assault weapons and high-capacity clips.

I never want to complain to an elected Republican that I am cold; they would think they were brilliant when they suggested taking my clothes off in a snowstorm as the solution.

It’s Only Getting Better

I wanted to include one positive mention in today’s article and here it is. Howard University named Ben Vinson III as its next president. Howard has long been an outstanding academic institution and of late has been on a roll. Among its recent “staff acquisitions” are Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Vinson comes to Howard from Case Western Reserve which, much like Howard, is not that well known because it isn’t an athletic powerhouse; but it is an academic one!

Only Making It Worse

The last paragraph of Michelle Goldberg’s recent New York Times opinion piece entitled, Timothy McVeigh’s Dreams Are Coming True, really proved a point that I’ve been making for years. Making the possession of many things illegal gives the street cops something to work with that often prevents a tragedy. In the aftermath of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing McVeigh was stopped in a routine traffic stop. He happened to have a gun without a permit for it. That was illegal in Oklahoma in 1995 so the officers detained him. The rest, as they say, is history. By virtue of the subsequent actions of the Republicans who control Oklahoma that law no longer applies.

I rest my case.

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