Progressive Sweeping XXVIII

Today is a perfect day for me to do one of my catchup articles. The compelling reason for that will become apparent in tomorrow’s posting. So here we go.

Books And Bullets

Ponder this for a bit: Year to date exactly zero school children have been killed by books in schools, banned or otherwise. Can’t say that for guns. Then why does the Republican party make access to guns a priority while simultaneously banning books for the supposed welfare of schoolchildren?


In an almost daily outpouring of information, it becomes increasingly apparent that Fox News broadcast known lies in pursuit of profits. Making money was deemed much more important than accurately informing its viewers. Fair and Balanced? I’d settle for accurate or at least not willfully misleading.

Banned Word In Wisconsin

A Wisconsin school district has banned an elementary school performance of a Miley Cyrus-Dolly Parton song (Parton is Cyrus’ godmother) because the word “rainbow” is in the title. What?!

Are they going to ban The Wizard of Oz because of the song, Over the Rainbow?

Sticking with the rainbow theme, are they going to ban prisms from science classes?

The Larger War

In a self-preservation effort the Republican party has been engaged in a war on public education for some time. They want to filter (think: steal) taxpayers’ public education dollars from traditional public schools and send them to indoctrination centers in an effort to stifle the teaching of critical thinking skills. They have all the nice sounding verbiage, school vouchers, parental choice are among them.

One of the things that made America a global economic powerhouse was its (relative to the rest of the world) skilled workforce. That workforce acquired its skills almost exclusively via the public education system.

Make America Great Again? Hardly their goal!

Is It Basically A Ponzi Scheme?

If Vladimir Putin were satisfied with just Russia the world would leave him alone. Barack Obama and John McCain were only slightly inaccurate when he called Russia a gas station with nuclear weapons. Russia is a nuclear superpower but far from an economic one. It can’t come close to economically competing with the United States or China.

Putin is widely thought to be the richest man in the world and he has surrounded himself with many oligarchs who depend on the state, which Putin controls, for their continued and growing wealth. That begs the question: is Putin “exploring” simple because he needs new “capital”?

Putin will tell anyone willing (or compelled) to listen that the west is picking on him. If he would simply stay within Russia’s borders the west would be happy to leave him alone. I question whether he can “afford” to. A Ponzi scheme must be continually and increasingly fed.

A Wise Republican

I’m going to be much shorter (and incomplete) than I originally intended to be. I want to close with the words of the last great Republican President of the United States because they are so applicable today. “No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.” Theodore Roosevelt.

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