Progressive Sweeping XXVII (+)

Today I will present you with what I can briefly cover of the last fortnight’s American political events thus far neglected along with a special note at the conclusion.

A Guess

Guy Cecil is leaving his post heading the Priority USA Action super PAC. Cecil is a long time Democratic political operative. I have no inside information but I’d keep an eye peeled for him taking a high profile, if not the head post, in the Biden 2024 campaign.

The Scam Continues

The Republican House member commonly known as George Santos has filed papers indicating that he will run for reelection in 2024. In reality what the filing did was allow him to continue to raise and spend campaign funds. Being polite, Santos has a dubious relationship with financial regulations. I doubt he can win a Republican primary so the chances of him defending his seat are slim and none. This move was all about the money.

No Surprise Here

In response to a NBC’s Freedom of Information request the FBI said that it has no record of Donald Trump sending personnel down to Broward County in 2018 to stop election shenanigans and save the day for Ron DeSantis.

Apparently, Trump lied. Why am I not surprised?

Warped Reasoning (At Best)

Trump blamed January 6th on Mike Pence saying if that Pence had thrown the election back to the states the people wouldn’t have attacked the Capital and attempted to hang Pence in the process. That’s like saying that the only reason you got the speeding ticket is because the radar cop was there and you speeding was irrelevant. Therefore, you are blameless and it’s the police officer’s fault.

Turf Dispute?

Florida Republican Governor and 2024 GOP wannabe, Ron “Kinky Boots” DeSantis, dismissed the war in Ukraine as a “Territorial dispute”.

When two neighbors vigorously discuss the placement of a fence near a property line it is a territorial dispute. That is a far cry from an armed invasion of a sovereign neighboring nation and a continued assault on its civilian population. DeSantis knows that. He revealed his campaign strategy. He is not running to be an alternative to Trump as much as he is running to take over Trump’s spot in anticipation of his political demise within the GOP electorate. The scary part is that it might just work.

A GOP Coverup

Kentucky Republican and Chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, James Comer, made it clear that he is burying the committee’s investigation into the financial dealings of Donald Trump violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution while Trump was president. Why is he doing so? I can think of several motivations and none of them pass the smell test. Will the voters of Kentucky’s First Congressional district hold him accountable in 2024? Sadly, I doubt it (he hasn’t dipped below 70% of the vote in years).

Numbers And Respect

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. (March 2023 has no shortage of significant dates. This article is being penned on the Ides of March.) It is a day to celebrate the Irish even if you are only pretending to be Irish for the day – and I have a lot of friends who have done that.

It is also the day that I generally see my primary medical care provider and, albeit a different woman, and I intend to again tomorrow. In my mind it marks the third anniversary of my taking the pandemic seriously. I’m hoping this may well be the last year I have to alter my habits in an (thus far successful) attempt to stay safe. Some time ago I arbitrarily set getting below the 30,000 daily new infections mark in the 14 day rolling average as the point I’d do some things I was putting off. As of this writing we have met that mark for the past six days and I’m starting to gear up. It’s not an all clear yet but it’s certainly good news.

That’s enough for today. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and stay safe. Hope to “see” you Sunday.

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