Progressive Sweeping XXV

Catch up with a generous portion of snark. That’s what’s on the menu today.

It’s Bigger

Basically, I haven’t trusted a Republican administration since Ike left the White House. Unfortunately, the Democrats, even the ones I like, are far from having a clean bill of health. The aftermath of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio is only the latest example. As liberal as I am politically, I am rather conservative when it comes to health matters.

The train derailment appears to have even larger consequences than certainly the railroad is letting on to and it now appears the federal government may be understating the danger and how many Americans it is affecting. Communities downwind and downstream may well be feeling the impact according to independent analysis.

Falling In Line

Evidence now suggests (I’m being mild in my choice of verbiage) that then Republican Arizona Secretary of State, Mark Bronvich, covered up evidence in his office’s investigation into allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Current Arizona Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs’ office is seeking an investigation into the matter.

Who is afraid of Trump? Apparently in Arizona ever elected official or wannabe with an “R” after their name. Thus far the pattern is that Trump skates and his sycophants are left holding the bag.

He Is Certainly Following The Model

I have long characterized the Trump “machine” as an organized criminal enterprise. The Representative currently known as George Santos appears to be using it as his (monkey) business model. He reported several donations from his political funds to other Republicans. The problem is that none of them have any record of receiving the money.

Scamming supporters for personal enrichment and to pay personal expenses; where do you think he got that idea? For progressive political writers like me he is a gift that keeps on giving.

Catching Up With Him

James O’Keefe has been removed as the leader of Project Veritas. Project Veritas bills itself as a truth group; nothing could be further from. I would need far more space than today’s entire column to document O’Keefe’s exploits! I’ll put it in a thumbnail: If O’Keefe says it, question it. O’Keefe has long been a significant cog in the right wing mythology machine. I doubt he is permanently gone but at least this will force him to make a course correction and slow him down a bit.

Another Trump Deposition

This may be minor when compared with his other legal troubles but a court ruled that Donald Trump can be deposed in a lawsuit filed by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page who claim they were fired in an act of political retribution. My only hope is that the deposition becomes public. One thing Trump can’t do is dance but its fun to watch him try to. Why does the phrase “Weaponizing government” come to mind?

No Patriot Here

Mike Pence has vowed to fight a subpoena to testify in the federal investigation into January 6th. In his best sanctimonious act, he claims some sort of constitutional argument. He seems to want to portray himself as a patriotic hero while simultaneously protecting Donald Trump in an effort to not anger Trump supporting Republican primary voters. Here is the “Pence Principle”: It is perfectly fine to write about something for profit but it is not OK to testify about it under oath in an effort to protect American democracy. My basic view of Pence has long been as an empty suit and its not changing; for the better at least.

Of Donny and Joey

I basically stole this one from Dr. Paul Krugman but its too good to not publish. Joe Biden went to war torn Ukraine. Donald Trump retreated to a bunker when unarmed Black people got within a few blocks of the White House. You determine the fear factor and bravery levels.

Bad Vlad

Dutch investigators implicated Vladimir Putin in the downing of a Malaysian passenger jet killing 298 over Ukraine in 2014. Hillary must have gotten to the Dutch too. How did someone with such international clout and such a vast conspiracy network manage to lose the 2016 election?

One Finally Left

Marty Walsh, who served as Joe Biden’s first Labor Secretary was the first to leave the Cabinet after just over two years of service. Many more left the Trump Cabinet in the first two years under the cloud of scandals alone. Oh, and Walsh left to take what is basically a union job.

The Root Problem Is Cultural

Many things will help us achieve better policing in America but number one is the most difficult: a cultural change. We had a great illustration of that when it was revealed that at least one of the now former Memphis police officers involved in the beating of Tyre Nichols (and now up on murder charges) texted photos of the victim after he was beaten and handcuffed. I don’t think the text photos were a mea culpa.

I’m nowhere near finished. Expect a continuation article in the very near future.

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