Progressive Sweeping XXIII

It’s been a few weeks since my last stab at cleaning up my notes and inbox so I’ll dispense with a long intro paragraph. However, the irony that this is set to be published on Groundhog Day does not escape me.

By George

Thus far in 2023 the greatest gift the Republicans have given progressive political writers is the Representative current known as George Santos. (At least I liked Prince’s music.) Mystery money, college tales at two schools he never attended let alone earned degrees from, foreign adventures including allegedly illegal ones; the fun never stops and that was an abbreviated list.

Kevin McCarthy assigned Santos to the Small Business and Science, Space and Technology Committees. Despite the Space Force and rhetoric to the contrary, that just reinforced my assumption that the Republicans really don’t care about small businesses or science. On Wednesday Santos stepped down from them.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The ultimate outcome is a know; Santos will leave Congress. Just how it will happen is the interesting part. Unless you count an alleged drag career, this is a DC GOP soap opera without the sex.

Over The Line

Am I the only one who is confused? It seems that Republicans have no problem with guns crossing state lines. However, they do have a problem with women seeking abortions crossing those same state lines.

A Campaign Name

I came up with a name for the 2024 Trump campaign. In recognition of Trump constantly saying he won the 2020 election and with due apologies to Styx call it: The Grand Delusion Tour.

Finally, Some Justice

Over the past few weeks, we have seen several members of the Oath Keepers convicted of seditious conspiracy in connection with January 6th. This is a very serious felony that carries serious prison time. Among prosecutors it is almost never considered because it is close to impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. (The criminal charges burden of proof in America.)

Richard Barnett, the feet on Nancy Pelosi’s desk guy, was convicted on all 8 counts brought against him for his 1/6 activities.

Justin Khater was sentenced to over 6 years in prison for assaulting Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick with a chemical spray on 1/6. Sicknick died shortly thereafter. In my mind Khater got off easy; way too easy.

I expect more convictions and serious time to come. Don’t be surprised if Donald Trump (a/k/a Individual 1) is among the convicted.


Republicans like to talk about transparency in government. Don’t listen to what they say; watch what they do. Arizona Republican members of the state legislature have passed legislation that shields them from open records laws. Think they might have some Ginni Thomas and Cyber Ninja related activities they would rather not be public? I do!

Apparently, the transparency is only good for others. Like the FBI if it is investigating Republicans.

The Classified Mess

The National Archives recently asked all former presidents, and vice presidents to review their records to see if any classified documents might be among them. The system is obviously a mess; the question is when is somebody going to clean it up.

There Is No Recession!

The American economy grew by 2.1% in 2022. That is despite the facts that Russia is in the midst of invading Ukraine and the world is still in the grips of a COVID pandemic. If anyone (and a lot of people believe it) tells you that we are in a recession they need a better source of information and/or a reading comprehension course.

The Leaker

In an investigation that is only rivaled by the one of the accusations of rape and sexual misconduct involving Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court has announced it could not determine the source of the leak of Samuel Alito’s decision in Dobbs. I won’t get into details but it appears that Barney Fife could have conducted a more thorough and aggressive investigation.

Stick A Pin In This One

China’s population fell in 2022. That is a huge deal and could have serious repercussion down the road!

One aside – I certainly don’t think it accounts for the entire numbers’ situation – is that COVID hit China much harder than the official figures indicate. In America – where I trust the numbers much more – we know life expectancy went down again in 2022.

I could certainly go on but I think I gave you enough to ponder until Sunday’s article hits a device near you.

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  1. Actually, sadly, I’m not convinced that Trump will be convicted and sentenced to jail time. That should have happened several times by now.

    Oh, and Alito is the leaker.

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