Progressive Sweeping XXI

The end of December is traditionally a slow time in American political news. Not in 2022! Therefore, back-to-back catchup articles.

Did I Miss Something Here?

Every January 1st many new laws take effect. With the advent of 2023 Americans can legally carry guns in more than half the states without a license. On January 1, 2010 only two states – Alaska and Vermont – allowed permitless carry.

If you don’t know that America has a gun problem you haven’t been paying attention. If you think arming everyone sans screening and training is going to help solve that you lack the ability to do critical thinking.

It’s Coming From China Again

Getting good and reliable COVID information out of China is akin to getting truthful statements out of Donald Trump. In both instances we can deduce some things from what emanates from them.

We have reason to believe that COVID cases are beginning to spike anew in China. We also know that their vaccination program has been highly ineffective (I might be being polite there). Recently they have gone from draconian lockdowns to unfettered behavior overnight. Add all that up and we have reason to expect another spike in America in the not that distant future.

The United States instituting a policy of demanding a negative COVID test from travelers from China is a positive step, and I support it, but I fear it will be insufficient.

The Donald And The Christmas Presents

Trump sent out a Christmas Eve message on his failing Twitter imitator site. In it he repeated many of his tired and oft debunked lies. He also insulted many of his enemies (a/k/a tellers and pursuers of the truth).

On the other hand, he received a huge present from the January 6th Committee and the weather. The Committee commenced releasing its final report over Christmas when most voters are otherwise occupied and many top journalists have already filed their stories. The news of that time period is dominated by “best of”, year end wrap-ups and fluff pieces.

Simultaniously much of the nation was feeling the effects of a huge snowstorm. When you lose power and are snowed in you don’t spend much time keeping up with political news.

Back To Guns

Well before 2022 concluded TSA had already confiscated a record number of firearms at security checkpoints. There are often legal ways to travel with a firearm and responsible gun owners know them. I’ll let my readers take it from there.

They ARE Simply Criminals

In MAGA world it is popular to pity the people arrested in connection with the unsuccessful coup attempt of January 6, 2021. One has been rearrested on charges that he plotted to kill the FBI agents who were investigating him. Patriots? I think not!

Another Example Of Domestic Terrorism

Three power substations in Washington state were recently attacked. Organized, copycat or a bit of both; these are certainly neither random or left wing in nature.

Wasteful Government Spending And A Coming Attraction

I know $6.5 million is a spit in the bucket when it comes to total federal spending, but to me it’s still a lot of money especially when it is wasted. That’s what we know Special Counsel John Durham spent. (I stress the word know!) His investigation was an utter and predestined failure.

I sincerely hope I am incorrect but I expect more of the same out of the incoming Republican House majority only with a much higher price tag. Remember, it’s your money.

The Law And Order President?

E. Jean Carroll filed suit under a new New York State law relating to a rape allegation she has long made against Donald Trump. Trump, who campaigned as a law-and-order candidate, immediately tried to get the case dismissed claiming the law was unconstitutional. You connect those dots. I’d say it’s a case of dog whistle meets reality.

My Fear For Democracy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed a joint session of Congress on December 21st. Many Republicans chose not to attend. Of those in attendance most were, in contrast to the Democrats, unenthusiastic. A few actually criticized Zelenskyy.

Here is a simple bottom line: at the present moment Ukraine is the frontline in the battle to preserve global democracy and Vladimir Putin is trying to undermine it because his only path to world domination is to bring the other side down.

Ukraine can only prevail with the support of the Biden-led West and the Republicans are more interested in making Biden look bad than defending democracy or America for that matter.

If I though I could cover two weeks with two articles I’d just write a weekly column but I have to move on sometime and tomorrow should be the start.

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