Progressive Sweeping XVIII

I have a lot accumulated in my “backlog” so let’s try and cover some of it today.

An Expanded Vocabulary

Narcissism is a word that enter the vocabulary of many Americans over the past few years, myself included. I guess we can count that as one of the achievements of Donald Trump. A narcissist is basically a self-centered person. If there was any doubt that Trump qualified it was erased recently when he stated that he wanted to suspend the Constitution and have himself declared president.

I feel that criminal charges are inevitable. Provided that Trump lives long enough, which, when and where are the only questions remaining in my mind. I feel his only viable defense will be to plead insanity. He can offer this as Exhibit A.

Distracting Or Just Plain Daffy?

Recently drag queens appear to be the number one obsession of the far right in America. We have a lot of problems in America. Anyone who regularly reads my columns knows I acknowledge them. Drag queens are not one of them. They don’t make the top 100; probably not the top 1000. Last weekend drag performances in at least four American cities were targeted by the far right. As of this writing a perpetrator(s) have not been apprehended so no certain motive can be established but it appears that the domestic terrorist event that plunged Moore County, North Carolina into darkness may have been an attempt to stop a drag queen event. Oh, and don’t forget the mass shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado last month.

We need a federal domestic terrorism law with some serious teeth in it. Good luck getting that with an incoming Republican House.

Full Speed Ahead

The Trump Organization was found criminally guilty on all 17 counts which involved tax fraud and falsifying business records. The real significance here is that by getting these relatively “low hanging fruit” convictions it will be full steam ahead for the plethora of other, and more serious -as if this weren’t serious enough – criminal probes into Trump.

No Surprise Here

Everything Trump does is part of an organized criminal enterprise with the goals of enriching and protecting Donald J. Trump. It is really that simple!

It was recently reported that the Trump PAC was funding the legal defenses of selected (by Trump) January 6th defendants and persons of interest. If you are surprised by that you really need to pay better attention. If you donated money to Trump’s PAC you are a sucker. It is really that simple!

Another Good Number

Friday the November jobs number came out and the economy added 263,000 net new jobs in that month. Yes, inflation is a problem but the numbers -especially when compared with other advanced industrial economies – just keep showing that the American economy is doing fine.

Admissions Of Guilt?

Last weekend Politico reported that an incarcerated January 6th terrorist tried to sell video footage to documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi’s daughter). I’ll let my readers connect those dots, but I’ll just add it doesn’t look like the move of an innocent man.

The Second Commandment

Much of the evil done by the right wing is part of their effort to establish a white Christian nation and they claim they are doing it in the service of God. Having been raised in what meets the definition (although it is not always accepted as) a Christian religion a few things stick in the cobwebs of my mind. Among them is the Second Commandment which reads in part, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” These same people are either total religious hypocrites or embracing Trump as a false god.

Black Voter Turnout

I’ve seen some preliminary voter turnout data broken down by demographics and like most progressives am disappointed in the Black turnout numbers. I don’t have the space to get far into that topic here today but I do have one observation. The yardstick often employed is Obama turnout. Perhaps we have to accept the fact that Obama was a once in a generation, if not once in a lifetime, candidate and that no other candidate will reach his numbers in the foreseeable future.

Democrats: don’t take that as an excuse for deficiencies in your performance in the GOTV and party building areas. There is much that can and should be done to improve Black voter turnout. (While you are at it take a serious look at your woeful Spanish speaking outreach.)

Currently I’ve got a lot going on in my life and most likely so do you so I’ll leave it there for now.

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