Progressive Sweeping XVII

Today I’m going to start with a little nostalgia and who knows where I will end.

Will Never Forget

It was 59 years ago today that JFK was assassinated. Like many of my generation I will never forget where I was when I found out about it. (In school in Cheektowaga, NY a few blocks outside of the city of Buffalo.) That weekend the Bills didn’t play.


Last Sunday’s home Buffalo Bills game was moved to Detroit because of a massive snowstorm. Moving a home NFL game involves a massive loss of revenue for the home team. I was born in Buffalo and lived there or in an adjacent suburb until after my 47th birthday. I remember a lot of snowstorms and endured a lot of snow. If my memory serves me correctly, before last weekend the Bills had never moved a home game out of Buffalo because of snow. I remember people shoveling the snow off the bleachers, but the game still went on.

Snow in Buffalo is nothing new. This much snow this early in the year certainly is. The climate is changing and man’s actions have a lot to do with it. Only one significant political party in the world fails to recognize that fact – the Republican Party.

A Song For Trump

Judging by the relative success the Democrats had in the 2022 elections I think they should send Donald Trump a song. I suggest Stay by Jackson Browne. If he can stay in the political scene just a bit longer…

A Democratic Goal

The Democrats should have a superordinate goal going into the 2024 elections: Keep Trump or a Trump 2.0 out of office. All else is secondary.

Elon Musk’s At The Brink Of A Patriotic Achievement

Just a bit into his ownership of Twitter, Elon Musk, (self proclaimed Chief Twit), is on the precipice of his greatest contribution to mankind – the destruction of Twitter. His buying of the entity and early management of it will be a case study in business schools for decades as an example of how not to do things.

My Leaker Theory Remains Unchanged

The leaker of the Alito decision in Dobbs remains publically unknown at his writing. However, we now have reason to believe it was not an isolated incident. In a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts, long time radical right wing activist Rev. Rob Schenck said he was advised of the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision well before it was made public.

I still think I know who the leaker is (in both cases) and she is not Justice Alito’s wife. This revelation does not conclusively prove my theory to be correct (therefore I’m not going public) but it does reinforce the circumstances I’m predicating my guess on.

A Benchmark Number

This one received precious little attention but last week it was reported that the global population now tops 8 billion. Worldwide the right wing isn’t handling our current refugee issues very well. What will it do when climate change refugees dwarf the current numbers?

It’s Certainly Not Joe!

The Republicans are running around blaming Joe Biden for inflation, which if they knew anything about global economics, they would know is ridiculous! Inflation just hit 11.1% in the UK which is ruled by the Conservative Party, the UK’s rough equivalent of the Republican Party. Inflation is a very real problem in America, but not exclusively America.


There is a line attributed to P. T. Barnum about a fool and his money. It appears the cryptocurrency market is imploding and many are losing money in the process. If Barnum said it, he is being proven to be correct. Why would you invest in something you don’t understand and no-one can explain?

Student Loan Forgiveness

The Republicans and their right wing activists are trying to block the administration’s efforts to relieve some student loan debt. At this point it looks like the Supreme Court will have to weigh in and who knows where that will go? The opposition seems to be a combination of racism and an appeal to the less well educated.

G 20

Russian President Vladimir Putin skipped the G 20 meeting in Bali. American President Joe Biden took the opportunity to privately meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping. I’ll let my readers connect those dots.

OK, that catches us up a bit.

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