Progressive Sweeping XVII

I’m planning on being away for a few days soon so what better time to do some sweeping?

Mar-a-Lago Mess

Kanye West, (recently going by the alias, Ye), was a Thanksgiving Eve dinner guest of the former president at Mar-a-Lago where he announced he was going to run for president in 2024 and asked Trump to be his running mate. Trump, who had announced his own candidacy a few days earlier, was reportedly less than enthused.
Also at the table was a white supremacist and holocaust denier.

Nothing but the best huh Mr. President? Although if those were the only people in the room you may well have been the smartest guy in it.

Republican Intelligence?

Another, as yet unannounced but assumed, 2024 GOP hopeful is Mike Pompeo. He’ll try to run as a “not Trump”. Remember he served in Trump’s cabinet as CIA Director and then Secretary of State. When reporters asked him who the most dangerous person in the world was, without hesitation he replied, “Randy Weingarten” adding, “It’s not a close call.” Weingarten is president of the American Federation of Teachers.

I can understand why someone like Pompeo would consider a person who has dedicated her professional life to teaching the truth to children a danger. To the sane world she is a gift.

White Collar Crime

Another example of the difference in how we treat white collar and “street crime” in America was evident recently. It has been reported that as the Sandy Hook families closed in on Alex Jones, he simply started moving his money around into shelters from the courts.
In the interest of brevity, I won’t go into details but if Trump were a petty thief do you think he would be out of jail while all the legal proceedings took seemingly forever? How many poor Black kids accused of petty crimes end up being sentenced to time served because they sit in places like Rikers awaiting trial?

Will Biden Face A “Harry Truman” Moment?

Biden is a union guy. He makes no secret of that nor does he apologize for it. So was one of my political heroes, Harry Truman. There is a serious threat of a railroad strike looming between now and Christmas. Truman had to take and anti-labor stance to protect the nation. Will Biden be forced to do the same? This one has largely flown under the radar but is well worth watching.

Elon’s Hail Mary Pass?

It’s almost fun to watch Elon Musk flail away trying to make his economically insane Twitter deal work. One of his latest moves was to reinstate Trump. I’m sure Musk felt Trump would quickly get back on board and bring millions of followers with him. (If you are trying to retain/regain advertisers there is no better way than to show them traffic numbers.)

The funny thing is that Trump, who has his own failing social media site, didn’t take the bait – at least not for the moment. I liken Musk’s move to a Hail Mary pass in football that falls incomplete in the end zone but perhaps we spy an official reaching into his pocket for a flag. Is a defensive interference call coming?

Hot America

One of the things I don’t do a good enough job of is covering the climate crisis. There are several reasons for that; among them is I don’t have any particular expertise or educational background in the topic. I just know enough to know that it is both real and serious, which puts me well ahead of the Republican party. A report from earlier this month caught my eye. It said that America was warming 68% faster than the planet as a whole. There are changes coming whether a large segment of our population realizes them or not. Look out for increasing climate migration.

Election Interference

In the aftermath of the 2016 election much was made of Russian interference by the Internet Research Agency. The Moscow based entity is owned by close Vladimir Putin ally Yevgeniy Prigozhin. Trump and his minions labeled the reports, “Fake news”. Earlier this month Prigozhin openly bragged about it.


A few weekends ago we set the clocks back. I’m a fan of Daylight Savings Time because I hate it when it gets dark so early. In days of old the biannual resetting of the clocks made sense. That is no longer the case. I’m willing to compromise and take either setting. I’d just like Congress to finally take action on the issue. They got close in this session and the legislation finally collapsed at the eleventh hour (no pun intended).

Savings or standard time, it’s time for me to leave you to the rest of your day. Thanks for reading!

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