Progressive Sweeping XVI

Yesterdays, today and tomorrows; that’s what I hope to cover parts of in this column. Lots there so let’s go.

Today’s News

As of this writing and unless someone talks some sense into him, Donald Trump will announce his 2024 candidacy for the presidency today. Let’s see, this guy lost the popular vote by millions in 2016, lost the popular vote by even more million in 2020 and his chosen candidates underperformed (I’m being kind in my choice of words) in 2022. Even a political junkie like me has lost track of just how many public investigations and/or legal actions he is the subject of and only a fool would suppose that there are no publically unknown investigations. Despite all that he will be a factor in the 2024 Republican presidential chase. He might even win it.


One of my wishes is that after he announces, Trump goes to Georgia and campaigns with Herschel Walker. Providing turnout is large for a variety of reasons, I think Raphael Warnock will win the runoff. The idea of Trump and Walker both speaking at the same podium has to be a dream for SNL skit writers and I think it will cement a 51-49 Senate.

Nevada ‘24

Nevada has long been viewed as a purple state with a blue tint. I hope I’m incorrect but I think it will be pure purple in 2024. The Harry Reid machine pulled another rabbit out of the hat with its GOTV efforts that put Catherine Cortez Masto over the top. Was it Harry’s last hurrah? It is way too early to be looking at 2024 but that won’t stop people like me from doing so. If anyone thinks the fight to save American democracy is over, they are deluded!

A House Decided

I’m wondering if we will know who will control the next House when we sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not kidding. It will be very, very close and some California races may not be called for weeks.

Horse Trading

Regardless of which party controls the next House the margin will be very close, perhaps as little as one seat. That means the leader has to be able to keep their caucus in line to get anything accomplished (or in the case of a Republican majority, much more likely blocked). Does anyone really think Kevin McCarthy is either bright enough or has the political skills? Remember he may well just be a Trump puppet. Trump has proven to be far from a political genius and he doesn’t have a friend in Washington – or a dog anywhere.

If anyone can get a Representative or two to cross over it is Joe Biden with the power of the presidency behind him.

A Political (And Journalistic) Dilemma

Almost without exception you have to repeat a lie in order to refute it. It becomes in part a moral decision as to whether you want to give the lie “air time”. That is further exacerbated by the fact that it takes much more time to refute than to tell a lie. All this is against the background that you know most voters are too busy to do the research needed to debunk a lie. The saving grace is that post-Trump (are we there yet?) we can use the word “lie” which used to be consider impolite in campaigns and journalism.

Double Standard?

I know this race is over but I’m angry with myself that I didn’t get this out there before Election Day. The Republicans made fun of John Fetterman’s speech after his stroke. Yes, he could be sharper but consider that he is recovering at an almost magical pace. Now let’s just juxtapose his speech with that of Donald Trump’s or Hershel Walker’s. One of my definitions of mission impossible is diagraming either of their “sentences”. That word is in scare quotes because they seldom speak in complete sentences. Word salad anyone?
As I stated, Fetterman is getting better and I rest my case.


Trump always complains that he (or whatever “victim” he is supporting at that moment) is being treated, “Unfairly”. Trump missed the November 4th deadline to produce documents to the January 6th Committee and they extended the deadline to November 14th. This is not an isolated incident. What part of unfair am I missing?

My Conclusions

The other day it was revealed that the number of legal abortions fell post the Dobbs decision. I’m sure the pro-fetus side is looking at that as “lives” they saved. Here is a more logical conclusion: more women died getting back-alley abortions and more unwanted children that the right will never support were born. If you are pro-life that certainly includes the lives that actually exist! Before you talk the talk be sure you are prepared to walk the walk. In this case deal with the consequences.

A Trump Telling The Truth For Once?

Donald Trump, Jr. reportedly testified that he has no idea how corporate accounting works. I’m inclined to believe him and according to Michael Cohen, who should know, Jr. not Ivanka is the smartest of the siblings.

OK, I gotta go. Here’s hoping the devil (a/k/a Trump) goes down to Georgia! (Yes, I purloined that from the Charlie Daniels Band.) Leaving you with a song in your head?

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