Progressive Sweeping XV

I’ll be hitting the road for a few days. This will be my last “live posting” until I get back. Seems like a perfect time to do some sweeping of my notes and email box.

Ted At The Ballpark

I’m not sure which member of the Senate I like the least but, with good cause, Texas’ Ted Cruz is certainly in that conversation. While he is anything but, Cruz likes to portray himself as a regular guy/man of the people. The other night he went to Yankee Stadium.

He left during the sixth inning. I’m basically a baseball purist and that alone is sacrilegious to me. His exit was greeted by less than complimentary comments from the assembled. Keep in mind Cruz was in the ultra expensive seats; can you imagine what the comments would have been like had he been in the bleachers? I doubt Cruz understands the game well. Remember this is the same guy who when campaigning in basketball loving Indiana talked about the, “Basketball ring”.

My hat is off to Chris Hayes who suggested that if Cruz really wants to be a man of the people, he catches one of the World Series games in Philadelphia while sitting in the cheap seats. I know Philly fans a bit and I’ll just leave it there.

Mass Shooting Action Texas Style

The state of Texas is distributing DNA kits to the parents of school age children in an effort to gather DNA samples in case they are needed to identify “missing children”. DNA samples were taken from parents in Uvalde because many of the students’ remains were so badly damaged by gunfire that DNA was the only way to identify them.

Greg Abbott and his staff must be some kind of special “geniuses”. Makes me wish I believed in Hell. If it existed there would have to be a special place for people like that. This is clearly a case of Second Amendment trumping common sense.

Death Toll

We will probably never know the complete Trump death toll but I would hazard to guess it is larger than that compiled by any other American President including those who presided over either World War.

How many died directly because of COVID. Remember America had the highest number of deaths despite having less than 5% of the global population.

How many refugees died in U. S. Custody?

How many died because they refused to get vaccinated and wear masks? Both are effective, although not perfect.

How many intelligence operatives died because of the loose tongue that accompanied Trump’s oversized ego and less than oversized mental capacity?

How many died because Trump led the charge to deny them timely access to health care?

Birds Of A Feather?

Recent events would lead me to believe that cowards and suppressors are birds of a feather who flock together.

It is Trump and his most loyal sycophants who are doing all they can to suppress evidence in the plethora of investigations into 1/6 and other crimes committed by the organized criminal enterprise that is Team Trump. Of late they are generally referred to as MAGA Republicans.

Those same people are vigorously engaged in voter suppression and if successful voter nullification. Maybe our parents and grandparents were correct when they judged people by the company they kept.

Another Republican Yo-Yo

To make a long (and as of this writing still unresolved) issue short; the Republicans are fighting President Biden’s student loan relief program. Like many of their policy decisions it is based in racism. They feel that too much of the benefit is going to Black people. They only want to spend tax dollars – and have no doubt, forgoing tax revenue is spending – on giving tax breaks to the (overwhelmingly white) wealthy.

Did The Leaker Win?

I have a theory on who the leaker of the Alito opinion was. At this point, it is only a theory so I’m not prepared to go public with it today. Let me just say that I feel the leaker was an anti-choice person with a connection to the Court. She (yes, my suspect is female) wanted to make sure the Fascist Five stayed together. John Roberts’ vote was in play but if the Fascist Five stayed together his vote was irrelevant. In the final analysis all five votes stayed solid. The leaker won and America lost, big time!


It was recently reported that during his confirmation process Samuel Alito assured the late Senator Ted Kennedy that he was not a threat to Roe. In 2022 Alito wrote the opinion in Dobbs that overturned Roe.

Clarence Thomas, whose wife is very involved in the Big Lie, issued a stay at least temporarily allowing South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham to avoid testifying to the the Fulton County, Georgia Grand Jury investigation into the matter. This certainly has the appearance of a conflict of interest which could have easily been resolved by a recusal.

On just those two instances alone is there any question as to why many citizens have lost confidence in the Supreme Court?

This Is Serious!

The latest reporting indicates that among the classified papers found at Mar-a-Lago were ones involving both Iranian and Chinese information. Don’t give the Republicans defending Trump any credence when they liken the situation to an overdue library book or a storage dispute.

The really scary part is that there is reason to believe that after all this time and effort the government still doesn’t have every document that Trump stole back.

That’s enough for today. If all goes as planned I’ll be back “live” on November 3rd. In the interim publishing will go as usual it will just be “pre-recorded”.

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