Progressive Sweeping XLVII

Mentioning, albeit briefly, the previously unmentioned. That’s what today is all about.

Always Working A Con

I’ll start today in my home state of North Carolina. A few months back the Republicans suddenly decided to stop blocking Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. They did so with a caveat that I wrote about sometime back – the expansion would not take effect until the new budget was approved. Now nearly three months into the new state fiscal year we are without a budget. The Republicans are now demanding a new reward. They want casino gambling with a lone group able to control the casinos. I’m perhaps a bit atypical for Democrats in this state in that I don’t have much of an objection to casino gambling but a last minute “stickup” and a deal that smells fishy are two other things. Oh, also the Republican “deal” would not give citizens any input in the casino approval process. This resembles that proverbial dead skunk in the road.

Staying In NC For A Bit

Twice recently the University of North Carolina’s flagship Chapel Hill campus has been shut down because of gun violence. The Republicans’ response was to suggest that the gun free status be removed from the campus. As I understand it their “logic” is that if guns are the problem make them more available. Just what we need; more dead good guys with a gun.

A Rare Bit Of Good News

Pennsylvania has just approved “motor/voter”. The DMV will be able to automatically register applicants for driver’s licenses or non-driver IDs to vote. This is the same state where Republicans are trying to suppress the vote. Governors and state legislatures do matter! Remember that when you vote and in any political activities you may participate in.

Watch This One

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to the floor of the Canadian House of Commons to call out India for involvement in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil. I’m not an expert on this but I do know that India (which is a very, very important country!) is currently ruled by a far right wing political party with extreme religious views.


It was with sadness that we received the news that Democratic Virginia Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton announced that she had received a new and worse Parkinson’s diagnosis and was therefore not running for reelection in 2024. Sadly, I must admit that she is probably making the right move. I have two buddies with Parkinson’s and it only seems to get progressively worse, in their cases trapping the brilliants minds of good men in bodies that are betraying them.

Missiles, Really?

In another case of extreme right wing rhetoric entering the mainstream of Republican thought, Florida Governor and presidential wannabe Ron DeSantis would not rule out attacking Mexico with missiles. News flash: Mexico is a sovereign country.

Justice In Florida?

The fate of Florida’s proposed six-week abortion ban is before the Florida Supreme Court. The bill was co-sponsored by Republican State Representative Jennifer Canady. One of the Florida State Supreme Court Justices hearing the case is her husband, Charles Canady who refused to recuse himself. Smell test, anyone?

Save The Whales?

Using a Fox News report teeming with misinformation as his basis, Republican Senator Ron Johnson, (of Wisconsin by way of Moscow), took to the airwaves to claim that windmills were killing the whales. Nice to see he is so concerned about the welfare of the whales.

One Of Mitt’s Revelations

In McKay Coppins’ forthcoming book, Romney: A Reckoning, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney reveals that he has been personally spending $5,000 a week on security for himself and his family defending against the far right. We demand courage from our elected officials and democracy demands it. The problem is that few can afford that kind of money. More importantly it shouldn’t be necessary! If only the ultra-wealthy (and Romney is among the wealthiest in politics) can serve what happens to the idea of representative government?

A Question Of Parental Responsibility

Republicans are trying to hold Joe Biden responsible for the actions of his adult son. Yet, they will not hold parents who endanger their children by refusing to protect them against disease responsible for their (not the child’s) actions. I can’t square that.

Constraining Supply?

Perhaps I think too much in business terms but…If Democrats are nothing but a bunch of pedophiles than why are they combating abortion laws? Wouldn’t they want to increase the supply?

Hypocrisy (And Incorrect Anyway)

The Republicans are implying that Hunter Biden received special treatment because of his name (Lucky Sperm Cell Club membership – which is prevalent in the GOP). In reality his is more a case of selective prosecution.

Logan Act Anyone?

Elon Musk appears to be practicing his own foreign policy which is a clear violation of the Logan Act and the exclusive domain of the sitting federal government of which he is no part. Charge him and remove a problem.

Time to sweep the cutting room floors again but I got a few things off my chest.

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