Progressive Sweeping XLVI

It’s another one of those days where I will try and clear out the “notes” folders. Please buckle your seatbelts and come along.

Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one that noticed that the same type of far right people that want to reconstitute the USSR are also living in the hope that the Confederate States of America reconstitute – including succession, (de facto or de jure) – and launch a second revolt?

Desperate Russia?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to meet face to face with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for the first time since April of 2019. The word is that Putin’s ask will be for ammunition. Is Putin’s Russia really in such sad shape that it needs to go begging for help from one of the poorest countries in the world? I’m aware of and certainly concerned by the “strategic realignment” that may be taking place, but not this part of it. This doesn’t look like someone negotiating from a position of strength.

Coaches Over Lawyers

I have respect for law degrees. However, I’m wondering if I wasn’t a member of a much more talented “fraternity”. I speak of coaches. One of the many delay tactics the Trump team appears to be putting forth is that they need months if not years to prepare for trial.
In the NCAAs it is commonplace to play a win or go home game with less than 48 hours of prep time. Arguably the Super Bowl is the biggest game in America today and the coaches are only given two weeks to prepare.

I could go on but you get the idea. Unless, of course, you are a lawyer who is either incompetent or conveniently playing one in a courtroom

A Smart Man Playing Stupid?

I’ve been guilty of underestimating an opponent on more than one occasion. That is not the case with Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. I find him at times bewildering but I have never contended that he is at his core stupid.

I spent about ten wonderful years living in the Sunshine State. During that time, it experienced several hurricanes. So, DeSantis does not need his quality education to teach him to anticipate devastating storms in his state. When he was in Congress, he voted against aid to the areas of the country devastated by Super storm Sandy.

Under the recently passed Inflation Relief Act $350 million in energy efficiency grants were earmarked for Florida. As Governor, DeSantis refused those funds. Let’s be clear, the funds were for things like retro fitting homes to make them more energy efficient thereby lowering the homeowners’ costs. If there is wisdom in DeSantis’ actions, I fail to see it!

What Rules Their Thinking

Recently the far right has been on a campaign against transgender people. A person changes gender when their genitalia doesn’t match their mind. Republicans want to be ruled by at birth genitalia. I guess for them it is easier to understand.

Our treatment of the LGBTQ+ community has gotten so bad that Canada recently posted a travel advisory for its citizens traveling to the US.  Good job right wing.

It Only Gets Worse

Kentucky Republican Representative and Chair of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, should stop digging because he is already in a deep, deep hole. His latest evidence of Biden family corruption is an email that he claims shows that the Bidens were involved in a shady transaction. The problem is the Ukrainian official in the “plot” had already been out of office months before the date of the email. I guess we should take heart in the fact that unlike a key witness the email isn’t on the lam.


Veritas is Latin for truth. Project Veritas is a far right wing organization that until recently was led by James O’Keefe. Let me just leave it at that O’Keefe has never been high in my rankings. Now revelations are emerging that he was involved in questionable (and I’m being kind in my verbiage) spending of the organization’s money. Color me not the least bit surprised.

Conservative Value?

New allegations against American Conservative Union (the primary sponsor of CPAC) leader Matt Schlapp have emerged. Many are again of a sexual misconduct nature. Most are of a homosexual nature. Does anyone else see hypocrisy in practice here?

Smarts Over Cells

About a decade ago Johns Hopkins University, one of America’s elite academic institutions, ended legacy admissions. Today its minority students form about twice the percentage of the student body as they did before the policy change. Is it in society’s best interest to admit students based on achievement and ability, or membership in the Lucky Sperm Cell Club? I know what my answer is.

Worsening Problem

Buying homeowners’ insurance in many states susceptible to catastrophic events has become difficult if not impossible. (You might want to work on that Governor DeSantis.) Now we are starting to see the type of semi-useless policy that Obamacare eliminated from the American health insurance offerings. Allstate, American Family, Berkshire Hathaway, Erie Insurance Group and Nationwide are issuing policies sans coverage of damage from major events. Simultaneously they have raised both premiums and deductibles.

As always there is a lot left on the cutting room floor but that should hold you until Sunday.

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