Progressive Sweeping XLIX

Fast and furious; that is how the political news keeps coming in. Today I’ll try and briefly comment on some of it.

Dumbest American President Ever?

Donald Trump made noise last weekend about the conduct of then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley. The core of Trump’s complaint was that Milley avoided World War III by informing the Chinese that we were not about to attack them. If you followed Trump’s thinking it would be preferable for a nuclear power to assume we were about to attack them. I’d have to give it more thought, but it is entirely possible that Trump was the dumbest president in the history of America. Yes, I have already considered George W. Bush.

Chuck The Blockade Runner

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (who seldom gets the credit he deserves including here) managed to squeeze a few confirmations of very senior military officers’ promotion past the blockade Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville has set up against the American military when he put them to a vote late last week. Tuberville waived his right to 30 hours of debate on each when Schumer made it clear he would keep the Senate in session through the weekend to honor the 30-hour rule.

I’m not much of a college football fan but I’m guessing Tommy didn’t want to work through the weekend and miss a good game on the tube or as a VIP guest. God forbid Tuberville have to work on a weekend like many Alabamans and all service personnel.

Just Wondering

Is Joe Manchin waiting for a deal/bribe from the Democrats to run for reelection to his seat?

The Other New Jersey Senator

I saw New Jersey’s Junior Senator, Cory Booker, make a television appearance the other day. Not living in New Jersey I’ve never voted for him and if memory serves me correctly, I’ve never endorsed him. (If I didn’t it was a lack of space thing.) Not for the first time the thought crossed my mind, “How has this guy never been president? This is just an illustration of how deep the Democrats’ bench is.

She Said – He Said

Last week it became public that Cassidy Hutchinson has alleged that Rudy Giuliani groped her on January 6, 2021. Rudy quickly denied it. Looking at their history I know who I believe. Only one of them is a confirmed liar.

Piling On Alabama; It’s Easy

If you follow the actions of the Republican controlled Alabama Legislature their slogan could be: Alabama: where obeying the Supreme Court is Optional.

Alabama’s Republican State Attorney General, Steve Marshall, appears to be of the opinion that Alabama can dismiss the United States Constitution at will. I think you might have that Supremacy Clause reversed Stevie boy.

Oh, and what assessment of Alabama would be complete without one last shot at Tuberville? Senator, how is it again that forced pregnancies will make the military more battle ready?

Next, The Badger State

Wisconsin Republicans have voted to fire the elections director even though they lack the authority to do so. Trump allies do a lot of talking about rigged elections; they should know, they spend a lot of time trying to do just that.

Now My Home State

North Carolina is in a different region of the country and has a different climate than Wisconsin but politically they are close to twins. Both are basically 50-50 purple state when it comes to popular vote but both are dominated by Republicans due to gerrymandering. In North Carolina, in no small part due to ballot changes, the Republicans recently took control of the State Supreme Court and quickly overturned decisions of the previous term. In Wisconsin the Democrats just took control of the State Supreme Court and the Republicans are threatening to impeach a justice that has yet to rule on a single case. The common denominator? Gerrymandered maps.

In both states, when Democrats hold the governorship, the Legislature strips them of their powers especially pertaining to elections.

At least the good guys had a recent win in North Carolina. After all the noise the Republicans have dropped their hostage demand on the state budget in exchange for a sweetheart deal on casinos.

The Headline Says It All

The Guardian’s headline read, “‘Full fascist’ Trump condemned after ‘treason’ rant against NBC and MSNBC”. Trump took to his fake formerly known as Twitter site and promised to investigate Comcast, (the owners of NBC and MSNBC), for its “Country Threatening Treason”. That is straight out of the fascist playbook. I might have missed it but somehow, I don’t remember Comcast paying a $787.5 million dollar fine for knowingly broadcasting lies.

Debunking One More Lie

Republicans like to talk of a politicized Justice Department going after poor, old (well maybe not old) Donald Trump and all those “patriots” who followed him while letting Democrats run amuck.
I would hope the (most likely) selective prosecuting of Hunter Biden and the (seemingly legitimate) felony charges against Senator Robert Menendez will put that to bed. But then again things like facts don’t matter to the MAGA crowd and their cowardly followers.

Line Of The Week

This on goes to conservative commentator Charlie Sykes who gave President Biden a great line to combat the concerns about his age, “Yes, I’m old, but he is crazy”.

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