Progressive Sweeping XLIV

So many things I want to comment on; so little space and time. Without further ado…

I’m Puzzled About Flags

Flying a rainbow flag gets a merchant shot to death yet flying the flag of a group that fought the American military is proudly displayed in many quarters. Hmm.

Non-heterosexuals are to be banished while rebels are to be honored?

The Trump Delay “Reasoning”

I’m so innocent that I want to delay my vindication in court. Another Hmm.

The Real Reason To Ban Books And Certain Words

I have long maintained that one of the three pillars holding up today’s GOP is the promotion of ignorance. The Republicans do not want to educate they want to indoctrinate. You can extrapolate from there.

Today’s Republicans Are Not Conservatives

It’s really simple: conservatives don’t fight and kill police officers. Criminals do.

Location, Location, Location

It is difficult to envision a Republican, Trump or otherwise, winning the presidency in 2024 without carrying Georgia. If the trial of Trump and any of his co-defendants (I think there will be flipping and the number will be less than the current18) stays in state court in Georgia it will almost assuredly be televised. Especially if it results in a conviction(s) it will make it almost impossible for the GOP to flip the Peach State.

History To Repeat Itself?

Eugene Debs ran for president from prison. While I think some sort of house arrest instead of incarceration in prison is more likely, Trump could be doing the same thing. Debs lost the popular vote badly. I predict regardless of the electoral vote outcome that should he be a general election candidate and regardless of incarceration status Trump will lose the popular vote by a wide margin for the third consecutive time.

Will Joe Pull A Mike?

Mike Pence was not favored to win reelection as Indiana’s governor in 2016 when Donald Trump rescued him (and helped the Indiana GOP) by tapping him for the Veep spot.

Joe Manchin would appear to be fighting for his political life if he decides to defend his West Virginia Senate seat in 2024. Could that entice him to make a third party run for the presidency? Going out as a defeated incumbent Senator is more difficult to monetize than as a defeated presidential candidate who would garner a lot of press along the way.

Not exactly identical situations, but you can see the parallels.

A Different Type Of Court Cases

Donald Trump is no stranger to the courts. Currently he is facing serious criminal charges while his previous defendant status has always been of the civil nature. There is a world of difference which he is learning and I predict will still learn more about and the hard way.

As a plaintiff, again he was in civil litigation and always punching down. This isn’t like trying to stiff a supplier by bullying them.

New MAGA Definition Proven Again

A joke that MAGA stood for Making Attorneys Get Attorneys has been going around for some time now. Of late it is deadly accurate. Many of Trump’s co-defendants (and If I were an unnamed co-conspirator I wouldn’t be sleeping soundly) are lawyers who find themselves with the need to lawyer up.


Georgia Republican Representative Andrew Clyde appeared especially knowledgeable about a relatively obscure BATF program during a recent House Appropriations sub-committee meeting. The program in question monitors gun stores who have an unusually high number of guns they sell end up being used in crimes.

The reason for Mr. Clyde’s “brilliance” was not disclosed at the meeting. He owns one of the gun stores in question. Only 3 percent of the gun stores in America are subject to this special BATF attention. Was he protecting Georgians or his own pocket?

Oh, Tommy!

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville has gotten a lot of attention in this column and elsewhere of late. Now it appears he no longer lives in Alabama as is required in the Constitution. It would appear he’s skipped over the border into Florida.

Watch Out For No Labels

No Labels is marketing itself as a third party for Americans who don’t want to vote for the Democratic or Republican presidential nominee in 2024. In reality it is a movement that is trying to “back door” help Donald Trump. It was recently approved for North Carolina’s 2024 ballot. Keep in mind that most state are foregone conclusions for either the Democrats or the Republicans but a few, and North Carolina is one of them, are true battleground states where a few thousand votes in a different column could make the difference. All of the battleground states (and there aren’t many of them) are winner take all of the electoral vote states. Keep in mind the winner doesn’t have to have 50%+1, just the highest vote total.
Perhaps this “political party” should come with a warning label.

Now This Is Both Ridiculous And Insulting

The body governing world chess has just banned transgender women from competing as women. Although grossly overstated, I can see where a person could perceive an advantage in a sport for a male who has transitioned to and competes as a female. I don’t play chess but I never considered it a physical contest like say basketball or swimming. It is a mental contest. To justify the ban you would have to contend that the transition makes the competitor mentally superior because of their at birth male status.

OK, that’s even too much for me! I gotta go.

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