Progressive Sweeping XLIII

I suspect I’ll be spending a good part of this week on either indictment watch or indictment analysis so I wanted to catch up on a few items first.

Republicans Kill Another Person

As Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott played the current Republican Governors’ I can be the meanest game by shipping a busload of migrants to Chicago a 3-year-old child died on that bus. What was the baby Greg? A rapist? A drug dealer? Maybe a cold-blooded killer?

I’m old enough to remember racist southern Governors giving Blacks one-way bus tickets to northern cities. How well did that work out? Not much has changed in the backward minds.

Instead Of Solving The Problem

Friday it was announced that Fox News had fired its top in-house lawyer. I guess someone had to be the whipping boy for the $787.5 million judgement. How about just dealing in the truth and the facts? That might actually go a long way toward solving your underlying problem Mr. Murdoch.

If Only They Had A Mind To Make Up

Florida has, and for a long time has had, one of the worst educational systems in America. I like Florida, but we have to start from a base of truth. Under Republican Governor Ron DeSantis that situation has only worsened. Early last week Florida education authorities (read: DeSantis sycophant’s) declared that AP Psychology was in conflict with Florida law. By Thursday the backlash was sufficient for them to back down and reverse their “analysis” of the course material.

Kids coming out of Florida high schools are already at a disadvantage when evaluated against many of their peers from other states. Weakening the curriculum and eliminating AP courses is not the answer. However, it does help institute one of the three pillars of the contemporary GOP: The promotion of ignorance.

It Only Gets Worse For Clarence And The Court

While Clarence “Just Give The Money To Virginia” Thomas has been the main character, it is becoming increasingly public knowledge that at least several of our Supreme Court justices are effectively for sale. Last week credible reports emerged about even more lavish trips and gifts that have been bestowed on Thomas by his wealthy friends who just happen to have issues they care about, are involved in or both before the Court.

For the present, and at least the foreseeable future, Thomas continues to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous on a salary that can’t possibly make it affordable for him and his family to do so.

Just How Dumb Is This Idiot?

I could make my columns all things Trump every day. The thought of that makes me nauseous. I’ll just cite two Trump actions from last week.

It was revealed that he told his then-Vice President, Mike Pence that he, Pence, was “Too honest.” The GOP has descended from the days of Honest Abe.

The United States women’s soccer team was eliminated in the Women’s World Cup and Trump used the occasion to mock them and their most well-known player. USA, USA, USA?

Not The Problem Ronny

As his campaign ship continues to sink like a lead brick thrown into a swimming pool, Ron DeSantis fired his campaign manager last week. Ronny, the problem is the candidate not the hired help.

Wave The Flag

Twitter, at least it was called that then, was fined $350,000 for defying the government and not cooperating with a government criminal investigation in an effort to shield Trump. I’ll let you connect the dots but I fail to see the patriotism there.

Two Of Seven

In seven states fake (or in the case of five states) fraudulent electors assembled as part of Trump’s coup plot. The groups in New Mexico and Pennsylvania appear to have been just a bit smarter and didn’t cross the line from fake to fraudulent. They added the caveat to their declarations that they were provisional electors on the chance that the Biden electors were declared invalid in court.

That stipulation was the difference between fraud and at least a form of prudence and it may well save them from criminal conviction.

A New Playground Game

It’s has been some time since I’ve called Donald Trump a man-child but I still think the term applies. Dodgeball is a playground game where one person has the ball and their objective is to hit any of the other players with it. With all his legal issues Trump is playing a sort of reverse dodgeball. He is the lone target and multiple throwers are poised to get him.

The Hot Tub State

One of the reasons Florida is popular (and I liked it when I lived there) is because of the abundance of warm weather. It is proving that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. In many parts of the state the water temperature is at or above hot tub temperature. You can literally jump into the ocean to warm up. Oh, I forgot according to many Republicans climate change is a hoax. I forget who they are blaming the hoax on this week.

Another Headscratcher

The JR-15 is a child size version of the AR-15 assault style weapon made for tiny hands and bodies. This is not a sick joke; it is an actual product being marketed for kids. What else can I say?

Well, that’s my two cents before I go on indictment watch. Again!

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