Progressive Sweeping XLII

Every time I commence a catch-up article, I know I’m destined to not cover everything that deserves coverage let alone every topic that I’d like to cover. Destined for failure; here I go. Please come along with me.

I Can See This One Coming

As his legal woes mount Donald Trump is going to find his mandatory court appearances dominating his calendar. Making debate appearances and other campaign events is going to prove difficult. I can just hear the complaints now. What they will essentially be saying is, I’m such a big crook that it is interfering with my ability to campaign. I wonder what would happen to the average defendant who told the judge that they were too busy to make it to court. No I don’t!

Dumbest Senator

There are several senators who I think are evil but their intelligence (political at least) is undeniable. There are several more that I simply haven’t formed an opinion on as to intelligence (political or otherwise). Then there is Alabama Republican Tommy Tuberville. He is so stupid that he is dangerous. Dangerous to everyone but America’s enemies, foreign and domestic, that is.

Social Security

Among other issues Joe Biden has been campaigning on being the defender of Social Security. Several Republican contenders are playing right into his hands. They have openly advocated cutting benefits for future recipients. Since so much of their base is old and white, they were careful to steer clear of that demographic. For now anyway.

If you were seriously concerned about the future financial viability of the program – which they are not – the simplest thing to do is raise more revenue by eliminating the ceiling on wages subject to the social security tax. The current ceiling is $160,200; a great income but certainly not the lifestyle of the rich and famous level.

An Obvious Texas Problem

Texas’ Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton has been impeached by the Texas House of Representatives and will be tried by the Texas Senate. Texas’ Republican Lt. Governor Dan Patrick will be the presiding office (effectively judge) during that proceeding. A Paxton PAC recently donated $2 million to a Patrick PAC. I’ll let you connect the dots and it certainly doesn’t pass the smell test!

Call Them What They Are

For too long we have been too polite. We have used the term “fake electors”. Let’s call them what they really are – fraudulent electors.

The Mitch Freeze

The other day for 19 seconds Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell simply stopped speaking, or much of anything else, during a press conference. I’m not a physician but it was obvious that he had some sort of negative health episode. I have often stated that I’m an American, a progressive and a Democrat in that order. Note I’m an American first. While I think that in many ways McConnell is evil, nonetheless he is both smart and experienced. If a big bipartisan agreement is needed, he is currently one of the small group in the room. Especially considering that currently the other Republican is House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, (or as Trump calls him, “My Kevin”), who is neither smart nor experienced, Mitch’s health is concerning and personally I selfishly wish him well.

Acting On Bad Information

January 6th glaringly illustrated one of the dangers in American society. When people act based on bad and designed to manipulate information, we have problems. When people believe things like Qanon conspiracies, the Great Replacement Theory and the Big Lie they great angry and are easily misled.

The truth and what people believe are often two different things but people act on beliefs.

Stunning Data

I read the following in Jeff Goodell’s recent book, The Heat Will Kill You First. The numbers come from the globally respected UK medical publication, The Lancet, and are from 2019. Annual worldwide deaths from firearms: 250,000; from climate change: 489,000. Think about that for a bit.

The Menace Once Again?

I just recently learned that Dennis Kucinich is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s campaign manager. Back when he was Mayor of Cleveland, he was nicknamed Dennis the Menace. If the moniker fits…

Political Potty Humor

At Mar-a-Lago you have no need to take your phone into the bathroom; Trump has provided classified reading material.

Threat Assessment?

If you listen to Republicans gays, transsexuals and drag performers are major threats to America but right wing domestic terrorists and climate change are not. Hmmm.

Inflation Florida Style

I’d like to make you aware of two recent inflation numbers. America 4%, Florida 9%. DeSantis miracle? And he wants a promotion.

This One Got Buried

Fitch downgraded America’s debt because of the uncertainly of the debt ceiling deal and the impending government shutdown. It is simple, we don’t look as stable as we should and have for decades. You can lay the blame at the door of the House Republicans. It is a ship with a largely unqualified crew and sans a capable and strong captain.

It Ain’t Over

The CDC sees a possible new COVID outbreak coming. Comprehensive numbers are difficult to obtain of late but it is well established that hospitalizations are up. Keep an eye on this one. We are not where we were in 2020 but it may be time to get those masks out again.

Again, I left a lot on the cutting room floor but it’s time to go.

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