Progressive Sweeping XLI

The incoming of Republican stupidity and hypocrisy is heavy so here we go with another catch up type article with that exclusive topic.

Republican Morality

I guess what I can derive from Marjorie Taylor Greene’s latest publicity stunt is that drag queens are something that should be hidden from sight but dick pics are perfectly acceptable evidence to introduce in a congressional hearing.

Valuable Job Skills – Florida Style

Ron DeSantis’ minions have again amended the teaching rules in Florida. As part of African-American History they now want to teach that slaves benefited from slavery by acquiring valuable job skills.

They learned how to say goodbye to their children who were in many cases still too young to reply.

They learned how to endure whippings and other physical abuse.

Many enslaved women learned how to be raped.

Of course, in right wing mythology none of those things happened. It must have been the 19th century version of fake news. The slaves were happy. They were singing in all the movies, weren’t they?

Video Evidence

I have happened to see a few of Donald Trump’s latest videos. They only reinforce my position that Trump is appealing to the 14-year-old boy that lives within many of his voters. Is he really trying to look like the villain in a James Bond movie or is it just me?

The Next Cabinet

Trump is giving hints of what his next administration would look like. If they put out a want ad it would read: those without at least one felony conviction need not apply. A portrait of the final product (much of which would be of acting status) would look like a poster for a mob movie.

Perhaps He Should Be Excused

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is back in the news. Last week he released an FBI report which he was not authorized to do. (Respect for law and order?) The report is just that; an unsubstantiated allegation. Basically, it says that someone alleged a crime was committed. Neither the FBI nor any other law enforcement agency has validated the accusations contained within. In other words, the report is hearsay which could not be verified.

Where I grew up, they have a word for that based on what comes out of the anus of a male cow. (Concern for my PG rating.) Perhaps if Chuck still had his wits about him, he would realize there is a reason that hearsay is not admissible in court.

The Speedo Contest

The Trumpers make much of Joe Biden’s age and health. They make it seem like Donald Trump is a vastly superior physical specimen. In reality the reverse is the truth. I’m proposing a contest with each clad in only a Speedo while on the same debate stage. While neither will be a contender for a body building championship, I’d bet on Joe to be the winner.

Campaign Strategies

While he certainly hasn’t reverted to it yet. I ‘m still expecting Biden to run a Rose Garden Strategy where he mainly stays in the White House and issues statements from there.

Donald Trump’s legal calendar just gets busier with each passing week if not day. He can only get so many friendly judges and his lawyers can only create so many delays. He may have to resort to a new strategy where he makes his statements from the sidewalk in front of various courthouses. I’ll call that the Courthouse Strategy.

A Final Thought

If Donald Trump has a guardian angel, do you think the angel may be applying for a transfer?

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