Progressive Sweeping XL

I feel the need to say a bit about many things; so here we go.

The Hot Tub State

Ocean temperatures just off part of the Florida coast clocked in at 98.1 degrees on July 12, 2023. That’s almost hot tub temperatures. Good thing water can’t talk; it might have said “Gay” and then DeSantis would have had to have it arrested.

Republicans Are Part Of The Problem

There is an old saying that if you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. House Republicans seem to be using that as their game plan on climate change (and a whole lot more that I’m not covering here today). House Republicans attacked John Kerry because he only had 98% of the scientists agreeing with him on climate change. To the “enlightened” Republicans unless you have total consensus you have nothing. Perhaps they should apply that “reasoning” to all of their policy positions. Willfully ignoring a clear and present threat is part of the problem.

Record (No Consensus Required)

On July 18th Phoenix hit or exceeded 110 degrees for a record 19th consecutive day. That broke the 1974 record of 18 consecutive days. Kind of difficult to dispute that fact.

Forced Births

Setting: Two women, who are friends meet on the street in a Republican controlled state.

Woman #1: Smiles and says, “Looks like you’re going to have a baby.”

Woman #2 frowns and says, “For a few minutes anyway.” Then she breaks into tears.

Today’s GOP – The Party Of The Military?

Alabama’s Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville is holding up the promotions of a plethora of flag rank officers and in the process weakening military readiness as well as disrupting the family lives of thousands of military family members.

In March of 2020 when he was campaigning for the seat he now occupies he made the following pledge, “I stand with our veterans and I’m going to donate every dime I make in Washington, D.C., to the veterans of the state of Alabama.” He has earned about $437,000 since he took his seat in January of 2021. Unless the Washington Post’s investigative reporters are horribly bad at their job his donations have fallen miserable short of that; like mid-six figures short of that mark.

The House version of the Defense Spending Bill contains several provisions that will weaken the military but please the radical right. The Senate will undoubtedly pass a much different version of the bill which will then head to a conference committee on which House Speaker Kevin McCarthy placed Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Her slogan may as well be: What Tuberville can’t destroy, I can.

Oh, by the way guys, Vlad said, “Thanks”.


Donald Trump has been referred to by many euphemisms and nicknames, (i.e. Individual Number 1). Jennifer Rubin may have come up with the most forward thinking one the other day – “Defendant Donald”.

In Michigan

Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel, has filed felony charges against 16 people, 15 of whom falsely claimed they were Michigan’s duly elected electors in the 2020 presidential election.

Expect similar charges in some other states.

In Washington, DC?

Donald Trump disclosed that he has received another target letter from Jack Smith’s staff. This time the investigation centers on January 6th. I expect an indictment and arraignment to follow shortly; this time in DC.

Don’t Forget New Jersey

It is impossible to keep up with all of Donald Trump’s legal woes. Jack Smith already has a Florida case going and it appears one in DC is imminent. A lot happened at Bedminster so don’t be surprised if Smith ends up getting an indictment in New Jersey before he is done.

The Grift Goes On

Aside from trying to keep his rather generous backside out of prison Donald Trump is running for president because there is money for him in it. The latest set of revelations is that both he and his wife have been paid to make supposed campaign appearances. I am of the school of thought that the 2016 campaign started out as basically a publicity stunt until Trump discovered that he could make money by running.

We Only Obey The Court When It Suits Our Purposes

In, what to me was somewhat of a surprise, the Supreme Court ruled that the Alabama Legislature acted unconstitutionally when it failed to create a second majority Black Congressional District and tasked the Republican dominated Alabama Legislature to draw a new map doing just that. They responded by drawing a new map with one majority Black Congressional District. Would you call that selective obedience? That would be kind in my book.

OK, back to indictment watch and a few other things.

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