Progressive Sweeping XIX

This is my final “live” posting of 2022. There will be articles published on all the normal days but they will be “pre-recorded”. Let’s briefly cover a few items today.


Congress has reached an agreement on a framework for a budget. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to be looking for congratulations on doing the minimum at the eleventh hour. (In fact, they may have to pass a brief continuing resolution in order to keep the lights on until they can dot the I’s and cross the T’s.) Some may want to congratulate them; I am not among them!

An Energy Breakthrough

I’m far from an energy expert or bench scientist but I am capable of reading and thinking a bit. A huge deal was made of a recent breakthrough of producing net energy through fusion. This is a good news/bad news situation. The good (perhaps great) news is that fusion doesn’t produce waste, nuclear or otherwise. The bad news is that we are probably a few decades away from viable commercial applications. We need to take action to survive to that point.

The Swamp

If Republicans are serious about draining the swamp – and I doubt they ever were! – they should start in Florida.

Republican Governor Ron “Kinky Boots” DeSantis announced that he was taking actions based on non-peer reviewed and faulty science against the actions of the federal government that was only trying to save the lives of Floridians.

Republican Florida State Representative, Joe Harding, resigned his position in the Florida Legislature after a federal grand jury indicted him on fraud charges related to PPP loans he received. Harding’s claim to fame is being the sponsor of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill.

Another Catchy Lie

During the Obamacare debate the right (in America read: Republicans) went on about non-existent death panels. Today with the LGBTQ+ community as their target de jour they are accusing any drag queen or member of that community of being a groomer.

Flight Risk!!!!!!

It is beginning to appear inevitable that Donald Trump will be criminally indicted and charged. Where and when are the only questions in my mind. My guess is that he will either be released on his own recognizance or have bail set. If he isn’t a flight risk, I don’t know who is. To the pokey with him and then see how he likes the slow speed of American justice.

Speaking Of No Bail

Sam Bankman-Fried, the kingpin of the crypto currency scam was arrested in the Bahamas and bail has been denied because he was deemed a flight risk. Here is my bottom line on the entire crypto scam: If you can’t understand a financial endeavor and nobody can explain it to you – don’t get involved.

A Good Sign

It has been widely reported that the United States is sending at least one Patriot missile battery to Ukraine. It is also reported that additional aid for Ukraine is in the proposed budget deal. The situation is complicated but if Ukraine, and with it democracy, is to survive they must be able to control their own skies. The incoming House Republican majority seems to want to aid Vladimir Putin by cutting off or severely diminishing aid to Ukraine. Remember that Nazi Germany had allies in Congress in the 1930s and most of them were Republicans.

Respect Or Just Common Sense

President Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law Tuesday afternoon. I won’t get into a big discussion of the shortcomings of the bill. To me it is simply common sense and in society’s best interest to recognize and respect any marriage.

If you followed the “logic” of the right wing it is fine if two people live together in “sin” but their marriage is a threat to society.

More Improving Economic News

The November inflation number came out and it was 7.1%. Again, this is a lagging, not leading indicator so, while still too high, inflation is actually coming down even faster. Also, consider that many similar countries are still dealing with double digit inflation. Later today I intend to fill my gas tank for the last time in 2022 and the gasoline will be under $3 a gallon.

Well, I could go on but the holiday season is upon us in earnest and I’m sure we are both busy. “See” you “live” in early January.

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